Mar 3, 2017

I saw The Last of Xs... err... Logan

And cried like a bitch... I haven't cried in a Superhero movie since Uncle Ben died in Tobey Man...

Old Man Logan (who doesn't have a farm... Snikt! Snikt! Snikt! Snikt! Bub!)
was massively butchered due to not having access to the entire MCU... It was turned into The Last of Us: X-Edition... I mean look at the pic... Doesn't that scream The Last of Us?
So, let's talk Logan... He's old, tired, Adamantium is killing him and his healing factor isn't working as well as it should. He works as a limo driver to get money to help an ailing Charles Xavier. Fate drops them a Mini Girl Logan and they have to take her to a Destination across the US.
On their tail there's a group of Mutant Hunters known as the Reavers... A 20th Century Fuchs version of the Comic Book Reavers... Now pretty much the Para Military force of the same company that made Logan, well, Logan.

I won't spoil much since, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE... It's actually good for a Fox bastardization of X-Men... Did I mention that I cried like a bitch? Cause I totally did.

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