Mar 13, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: ½ of a review...

Seriously, I can't do justice to this character in a single review. The review will be a two-parter...
So, you might have guessed that this review is for a Japanese toy... a Toy that has had a few hints that it was coming... I mean, I bought FRIGGING NARUTO BEFORE Getting a toy from my favorite anime... Cat's out of the bag now...

I'm talking about Ranma ½... Seeing that to review Ranma Saotome, I need 2 Figures, hence the reference of being HALF a review (which also serves as an extra nod to Ranma ½'s well ½)
I wish Girl Ranma was wearing this outfit.
This one isn't so bad but I like
the long sleeve look better.

As you can see I have BOTH FORMS of Ranma, which you kinda need if you're collecting Ranma ½ stuff...  So, you know that the Form that doesn't get reviewed now will be the next one to be reviewed.
I'm going to get my biggest complaint out of the way... They aren't wearing the same outfit. Please don't be a ploy for SH Figuarts to release another set of Ranmas with the opposite outfits...

With that out of the way, do I NEED TO EXPLAIN Ranma? Yes? Dangflabbit!
Ranma is a Martial Artist. He's engaged to another Martial Artist due to an arranged marriage between their parents. Ranma has one tiny problem... Cold water transforms him into a girl.

So, let's review Ranma Saotome... Normal Form.

It's a Figuarts figure, so there is plenty of Articulation. some of it is a bit tricky at first (mostly because I'm more used to the slightly less Articulated MOTUC Figures. You can recreate some of his attack poses... (The Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken being the huge exception since we don't have a fist flurry part.) But with the wind effects parts a convincing Hiryu Shoten Ha could be displayed. (This applies to Girl Ranma as well.)

Paint and sculpt:
Realistic P-chan is not as cute as Stylized P-chan.
There is very little paint here since the pieces are mostly molded in the appropriate colors. The painted areas show no visible slop or paint bleed. The sculpt is a bit on the simplistic side, mostly to match the source material. (No 4Horsemen level of detail here, which is good, since a Hyper-realistic Ranma toy would be scary...

8 extra hands 3 extra faceplates, stand with clear arm to hold Ranma, bucket and water attachment, backpack.

This Ranma has a TON of things!
This one gets a 5.0 here.

It's obvious that Ranma gets a 5.0 and that's WITHOUT MY PRO-RANMA bias. It's a decent figure with plenty of stuff and it's very accurate to the animated version.

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