Mar 12, 2017

Breath of the Wild is just too damn addictive...

I'm currently halfway through Breath of the Wild... I've conquered 2 of the 4 "BIG BAD DUNGEONS" and I'm halfway there to stop Ganon... I'm taking a break because of the frigging Stealth Mission that feels MORE Annoying than the Wind Waker Stealth Mission... Need to replay Wind Waker, now that I think of it. I've done enough of the shrine Puzzles to be able to get the Master Sword... (and become horribly disappointed by it...) If Crack was a game, this is it. I've uncovered MOST of the Map... (Still Missing the Death Mountain area, which I can't reach due to my lack of heat resistant clothing. I also need to locate the Gerudo Highland area Tower to unlock that area on my map.)

This, of course, has taken time from me scouring the web to post stuff here. (Still waiting on some Super7 news) It has also taken time from me from playing other games... But to be honest, I'm not feeling Doom 3 that much... Feels sluggishly slow... as if the Doomguy was wading in molasses. The game doesn't feel too DOOM-Esque to me.

Then my non-gaming time is being consumed by Mr/Ms. Saotome, since Ranma 1/2 will be MY 80s anime (despite me saying that I wouldn't use it... Screw the Rules I love Ranma... Not in that way, you fool). I kinda reviewed it a few days ago... But I digress... Now going back to Breath of the Wild. The OPENNESS is a dual edged sword. I like that I don't HAVE TO FOLLOW a set path. At the same time, I'm as lost as Ryoga half of the time... It kinda sucks when you are lost and a wild Lynel appears and game overs you in one hit.

I need to become stronger to face the Eventide Trial... There's even a Rock called Koholit Rock, which is a Reference to Link's Awakening. For those of you who don't know, Link's Awakening was the game that brought me BACK to Legend of Zelda. I had played the Original Zelda in the late 80s, but my limited knowledge of the English language back then, made the game TOO difficult for 5-7 year old me. So, 11-13 year old me had a better grasp of the English Language and a GameBoy. This made Link's Awakening more appealing. After I beat it, I decided to look back on both The Original Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link. I couldn't beat AOL on the NES WITHOUT a Game Genie. (curse the whole Extra lives)

Breath of the Wild, as I stated before, evokes a lot of Original Zelda feelings and it made me feel nostalgic... Now if I could find some Link amiibos, that'd be great!

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