Mar 5, 2017

Looking back at my favorite Boy/Girl...

Of course I'm talking about my man/gal Ranma... Been on a more anime friendly mood these past few months and I began rewatching Ranma 1/2... (Latin American Dub, because I can't stand the English voices that much AAAAAND I don't feel like watching it subbed.)

I'm on Episode 31 as of now and I've only had like 2 episodes being filler... unlike a certain anime that shall remain unnamed.
Don't worry Narutards... I can acknowledge that Later on Ranma becomes almost as full of filler as Naruto... True, Ranma has a higher percentage of filler, but the total amount of filler episodes is still less than Naruto... don't get me started on Shippuden.

So, Ranma 1/2... Classic Anime adaptation of the manga by Rumiko Takahashi,,, (and I shall offend many when I say this, but I like Ranma better than Inuyasha...)

Quick Plot summary... will be useful in a few weeks.
Ranma is the heir to the Saotome school of Anything goes Martial Arts. He's to marry the heir of the Tendo Dojo (an offshoot of the original School of Anything goes Martial Arts by Happosai), Akane Tendo. Ranma has one teensy tiny problem that makes him unnatural...
Eureka Seven Asstrail Ocean's OVA made a reference to Ranma's problem. (and precisely THAT Reference was what made me want to rewatch Ranma in the first place)

So, you have boy/girl engaged to a tomboy and there's tons of people who want to keep them apart because they have a crush on either Akane, Ranma (boy), Ranma (girl), or both Akane and Ranma (girl).

So, there is some romance, some martial arts, and LOTS AND LOTS OF insanity going on here. It's a slice of life comedy with a kind of weird premise. If I have an anime Guilty Pleasure it's name is Ranma 1/2.

Giving a shout out to my favorite cursed version of a character...
Charlotte!! Yeah, Ryoga's my favorite character... Reminds me a lot of myself... Often Lost, full of sadness and despair and hopelessly in love with a girl who sees him at best as a pet...

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