Jul 4, 2014

Blast Attack: MOTU's Most Controversial Character.

Because he pretty much is the Robotic Equivalent of a Suicide Bomber. In a post 9/11 world, Mattel is highly unlikely of having a "Multiple use Suicide Bomber Robot" character in MOTU... even for an Adult Collector oriented toy line...
 As you can see on this pic here, the Vintage Toy split up in two... Though I'm sure that the crossbow shown here is not his. the vintage toy had some sort of Detonator wire.

Mattel's plan of wrapping up the line would mean that he is coming.

To be honest, I never had him as a kid and I cannot wait to have one in Classics, mostly out of how Politically Incorrect he is. Right now I'd call him:
Michael Bay's Wet Dream.

I keep wondering how will they do the action feature of splitting in half. A VERY SMALL Part of me would like to see an accurate representation of the splitting. There's a bigger part that opposes to it because it would mean that he'd lose a buttload of Articulation. That part had an idea on how to Make Blast Attack with the least amount of new parts possible and have some sort of tribute to his Exploding feature. That part of me inspired me over a year ago to make this crude drawing of Blast Attack. (Mostly with the exploding feature)

The main idea behind the drawing is inspired on how Mattel did the King Hsss Figure. By reusing certain parts like Trap Jaw's Shoulders and Horde Prime's Forearms we gained removable arms. By using King Hssss' lower Torso we gain a removable torso.
So we'd only need a new head, new Torso Armor, New Loincloth and New Exploding second Torso. This exploding Torso could be cast in translucent orange plastic with painted bits for the Torso Armor. It should have some holes and a ball joint so you can attach the Arms, the hands and the head to it.
While not entirely Vintage Accurate, it still keeps the Exploding theme, not to mention that it gives him the extra ability of more controlled and localized explosions (due to his removable pieces. Also, I'd love for Blast Attack to be able to Rip off Majinga Zetto)

Obviously the second Torso is what could make my Blast Attack idea cost prohibitive, not to mention my distancing from the vintage feature... Or even the obvious Suicide Bomber vibe that my idea for him has. So, Vintage Split in half it is...Now HERE is a great Challenge for the New Design team guy, Brandon Sopinsky... How to make him split and retain MOST of the Articulation is THE question. He's likely to lose the waist twist and ab crunch.

There is one more place where I have my doubts with Mr. Attak... His Bio. I can't wait for it, because I want to nitpick the ridiculous, but at the same time I FEAR the Ridiculousness that it might have.

I wonder IF we'll see him at SDCC 2014...

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