Jul 28, 2014

George RR Martin gets his ass in gear!! (and other stuff)

He is going to work on the sixth Book!! The Winds of Winter has his writer once again! He's going to skip writing an episode for the show (Game of Thrones) in order to WRITE THE BOOK!!

THAT is the greatest bit of news I've heard all weekend. They surpass Adam Savage's Space Suit from Alien, or Harry Potter running around as Spider-Man. Heck, this is competing with Snake Armor He-Man and Battle Armor King Hsss. Hopefully his creative juices will be flowing similarly to the juices of a plump roasted turkey basted with lemon and rosemary infused butter, with fluffy mashed potatoes drowned in a sea of mushroom gravy. I'd add some sex scenes to this, but I'm not George RR Martin. All jokes aside, I hope his creative juices flow long enough for him to finish the series.

So, I saw a movie recently...

Yes, I saw Hercules, starring Dwayne Johnson... Cue the Titantron... a Brett Ratner Film... Yes, THAT Brett Ratner. So, how can I give the shortest and most concise review without going on a long-winded rant?

But Switch the Governator for this:

and you kinda get the idea of Hercules: The Jabroni Beating Journeys.
It was OK... not Horrible, but not mind-blowing. It WAS Entertaining, but it felt more Conan-like than Hercules.

Now I need to see the Kellan Lutz version to compared them.

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