Jul 4, 2014

Max Steel Movie first Images

Holy crap, it IS REAL... I thought this movie fell through the cracks like another Mattel Property, but no... It IS HAPPENING!! There are even images available...
You can see the rest of the images here.

Sure, it's based on the NEW Max Steel where Max is basically an Earthling Version of He-Man... With Steel being his "power of Grayskull" conduit.

It's kinda cool that it's happening, since it allows Mattel to produce something for the big screen and stop the Hasbro Monopoly (no pun intended) on the Big Screen.

Now, I hope that Max Steel Happening can light the fuse on Mattel's backside and make MOTU: The Movie for the 21st Century happen. I want to be excited about this, but the silence on Disney XD worries me. I KNOW that the Second Season premiered in Australia (Where everything there wants to kill you)
So, MAYBE it'll come to this side of the globe.

The thing that worries me is Mostly Mattel. It seems that the same mistakes done with Masters of the Universe in the late 80s are being repeated with Max Steel... The Toyline is slowing down, the Cartoon was pretty much dead and the film was Mattel's last hope for MOTU... But not everything is doom and gloom. It seems that they've learned from some of the 87 MOTU Mistakes and the Max Steel Movie seems a bit closer to the Cartoon... So, maybe there IS Hope.

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