Jul 11, 2014

July 11 2014 Odds and ends

I was going to make a RemakeCop rant, but I can't for the life of me go on a long-winded tirade on why the Original is better, so I'll sum it up super fast and move on to another rant...
-"Drones are bad, m'kay!" but with the Subtlety of Hideo Kojima...
-Legolambs' Expendables song covers my issues with the rating of the movie.
-I Hated the Accelerator suit. It looked better in the Classic Robocop Color Scheme.
-I hated that his family knew he was Robocop.
The good:
Some action scenes were good... Others looked like they were straight out of another Hideo Kojima game... but at least that was a bit better than this:

This, a full rant it does not make. do I recommend the movie? Yes, but it's not better than the 1987 version... This is like an "Ultimate Universe" take on Robocop.

There seems to be a rumor going around about Young Justice. Something will be revealed on San Diego Comic Con's DC Panel. I don't want to get my hopes up and say that Season 3 is coming, but that's what the rumors are implying. With my luck it's something more along the lines of a Seasons 1 & 2 in a single set.

It almost looks like she bought a crappy PVC "Batgirl" Jacket from Hot Topic and is wearing "Biker Pants"... WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS!?

Not only that, but Batgirl taking a Selfie... That is compeltely irresponsible of  her... Batman is disappoint.

Doomsday is being rumored a bit too much for Affleck v. Cavill: Not Quite Justice League. Now THIS is the type of threat that would require Superman, Wonder Woman and many other Superbeings to join forces... For those of you who don't know DC Comics history, Doomsday is the one that Killed Superman... back in the 90s, this was a HUGE ass event... Will WB and DC have the balls to kill Superman in their movie universe? I don't know... Heck! I'd think that they'd SAVE Doomsday for the ACTUAL JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE.

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