Jul 9, 2014

Everything is Awesome... Except Greenpeace.

The wait for San Diego Comic Con is agonizing, especially for Masters of the Universe fans, so I'm going to do some catching up on movies I have missed out.
I'll start with the LEGO Movie. Many of my friends offline and online have recommended that I should watch it.
(2 hours later)

OK I watched the Movie... Everything is Awesome!! No, I'm not going to review it, because doing so, would mean that I'd have to tear into it and while I have a few nitpicks with the overused "Chosen One story" and my fears of overuse of the licensed sets for throwaway pop culture references (FG Style) were mostly quelled. In the end, the movie was an interesting experience, unlike past LEGO related movies and the Ninjago series. This one had some sort of magic that the previous LEGO related movies seem to lack.

Now, why is this relevant? Well, Greenpeace did a piece about LEGO and Shell and how Shell is polluting the environment and kids' minds by appearing in a limited promotion set from 2012 in places like Hong Kong and Macau... LEGO has been using OCTAN as their fuel company since the 90s (aside from a few promotional pieces they had with Shell)

How is Shell polluting kids' minds by being simply a logo in the background of a few building brick sets? Greenpeace's disturbing video seems more harmful by WASTING LEGO sets by pumping them with an oil-like substance to make the video. They had to buy the sets and get some of the Promotional items from Shell to do the video and then ruin them... Buying Petroleum based products to trash them in an anti-petroleum message? That's almost as ridiculous as a Greenpeace member traveling to work via plane instead of taking the more environmentally friendly trains... It's a 3.5 hour ride on car...

This GP video seems to have taken a page out of the PETA playbook. I fear this may have the opposite effect; instead of bringing people to their cause, more people might end up being turned off by them.

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