Jul 16, 2014

Sexism in Equestria

It's time for another Controversial rant... I mean I called He-Man racist (which he totally is)... Now I'm going for something far more dangerous. To prove that My Little Pony is sexist.
First let me give a Trigger Warning. It's similar to the one in the Masters of Racism rant, so I'll copy-paste.

Now, before anybody grabs some pitchforks, I must warn ye. This is not to be taken seriously. The following is based on some observations and I'm working from a Preset Conclusion (My Little Pony: Sexism is Magic) all the way back to a hypothesis. I WILL TAKE THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT and talk WITH ZERO RESEARCH MADE and pass off an opinion piece as fact. I shall use some ACADEMIC TERMS and make references to work by others WITHOUT giving proper sources. You shall find definitions lifted straight out of Wikipedia or TVTropes, if they are not paraphrased.

First, let me specify some terms:

Matriarchy: The root of all evil. Your cart lost a spoke: Matriarchy. A colt earns 73 cents of a full bit: Matriarchy.  Basically all that is wrong on Equestria is because of Alicorn Mares. Who are a Minority and hold all the power.

MRAs: Better known as Mare Rights Advocates. Defenders of the status quo in Equestria.

Coltism: the radical notion that Colts are of Equal Value as Mares in Equestria.

The Minority of the Equestrians are Alicorns. All are female.
Look at this picture All the Colts are forced to wear clothes, while the Mares run around nekkid!!

Why are the colts forced to run around in clothes that Pretty much force everypony to stare at their maleness.
PANTS!! That Tennis Playing Pony is wearing Pants, leaving very little to the imagination... with that hairy lower neck.

Meanwhile Fluttershy can run around naked and no one bats an eye.

Males are subservient to females in Equestria...
Especially if they are not unicorns... Look at Spike. He is not a pony, yet he is Twilight's slave. He even is used by Rarity as a slave.

Add insult to injury, he turns into a DOG when he goes through the mirror. The Diamond DOGS are HUMAN on the other side of the mirror, yet Spike, who is sentient (and more intelligent than the DD) is a freaking dog.

Males on Equestria:
Disposable Cannon Fodder (Guards of the Alicorn Mares)
Rednecks with Limited Vocabulary (Big Mac)
Background Ponies (Doctor Hooves, Tennis Playing Pony, Dumb Redneck Pony, Giant Tub of Jelly Pony)
Scammers (Flim and Flam)
Cuckolds: (Mr. Cake)

Meanwhile, the females are:
Super Athlethes
Land-Owners and Savvy Businessmares
Traveling Performers

Colts are only useful on Equestria for their sexual Value.

I rest my case.

Shining Armor saves Canterlot with the Power of Love and stops a Changeling invasion. Becomes a prince...

His sister figures out a spell to fix a problem she created by reading a book: Becomes an Alicorn Princess and gains wings. 

Head of the Apple Family? Mare
Pony in charge of the Apple Family Reunion? Mare (While a bit of a colt-sympathizer, she is still a mare... who checks her privilege.)

CMC Members? All Mares

Pipsqueak has barely appeared on the series, why because he is a young colt and the Matriarchy doesn't want colts to reach important roles.

Flash Sentry: As much as I dislike him, because of his role as Twilight's object of lust on the other side of the mirror; I must mention him because of his problematic role. This is further proof on how the males are devalued systematically throughout Equestria and parallel dimensions.

Sadly, some folks will say things like "Celestia is a fair ruler" or other misandrist stuff to protect the status quo, while ignoring the minorities and keeping their "Mare Privilege". they will "Maresplain"
and use Prince Blue Blood or King Sombra as examples of  Colts who "made it". Notice how none are Alicorns, since that is reserved for the mares.

Did you see what I did there? Just like I did with the racist MOTU rant, I made a Mountain out of a molehill, while poking fun at blogtivists  and "social justice warriors". Misandry in MY LITTLE PONY... The epitome of First World Problems. There are real social injustices afoot, yet some of these "activists" waste time and money on such ridiculous things as homophobia in Warner Brothers shorts, Racism on 80s toons, etc. Now, before anyone points out that my rants about movies, videogames, toys, etc. are first world problems... Remember one thing: I am not an "Activist" and would not like to be one. It's OK to overanalyze things for fun and call out the bs in a humorous manner, but when one goes at it for real and uses these twisted analyses as a tool for propaganda; THAT is scary.

I'm seriously considering Captain Planet is Anti-American for a future rant.