Jul 24, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: FINALLY Evil has its final Leader!

It's about Flogging time! Get it? Flogging, Flogg... Ah... I screwed this one... Let's pretend that didn't happen and start all over.

So, Flogg is finally here! The last Leader has finally come back to plastic. Before any smartass NA fan tries to mention Sebrian or Darius, shut up! Darius lost to Mara and Sebrian would look too weird in the roided out buck!

So, Flogg, or Brakk if you're an Eurofan is the final Evil Leader to be made in MOTUC. With Skeletor (coming Next Month) we complete wave 1 of NA... IN YOUR FACE, POP!!

So, Flogg was the Leader of the Mutants until Skeletor made him his bitch... in the mini comics.
In the cartoon, he simply plays the role of "yes man" to Flogg, but manipulates Flogg like a puppet!
I am disregarding 98% of the MOTUC Bio. I discussed this on a Council of the First Ones episode, so I won't repeat myself on the bio.

That's more or less a little background info on Flogg. He's NA's Big Bad and he is finally here.

Obviously the Horde Trooper arms give him a bit more articulation. Troopers have balljointed elbows (Like many Hasbro toys) Kees are a bit loose, but everything else is tight!


Paint and Sculpt:
His arms we know well, they are the Horde Trooper Arms. His Torso, we have seen with Clawful, His Lower Legs are in 3 out of 4 mutants. and his feet have been used in 5 figures and 4 out of those 5 figures have been Hordaks. Shame that the Feet that the upcoming Skeletor has weren't used on Flogg. The Magic is in the New Parts... And that includes the Trap Jaw boot...
Paintwise, I got hit with a so-so figure. The paint applications were hit or miss. I'll have to retouch some bits of silver in his armor.


I like the 3D Printed sword better.
Here he is a mixed bag. The one that belongs to him looks pretty goofy. Well, it is a bit goofy looking Taser-like electro-whip-thing. Looks like a futuristic fishing rod. The other is a bastardized version of the Filmation Power Sword. The sculpt is a bit off because they had to accommodate the fatter blade for Castle Grayskull. Luckily for Me Shapeways came to the rescue! EvilMike has a more accurate Power Sword. (I also recommend the Horde Leader Sword, concept made by DO4M and Marvelous0ne. Looks awesome on Hordak or Horde Prime) It's a nice nod to the fans having the Official Sword, but compared to the Shapeways blade, the official looks like a copy made by an amateur customizer. It's perfect for Faker!!


Floggy gets a 3.17, due to his meh applications (your mileage may vary here) and the disappointing Filmation Sword.

Don't get me wrong, he's a decent character, but his NA status hurts him a little bit.


We have reached 51% BEFORE SDCC!!

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