Jul 1, 2014

Remember LeVar Burton's Kickstarter?

It was successful on its first day? Well, with 15 Hours to go, it made over $5 MILLION DOLLARS!!
That's not all. When it Reached the $4 Million Mark, a TV actor, writer and producer decided to Up the ante and match up every dollar up to one million that the campaign got starting at the $4 Million mark. The Man I'm talking about is an Executive Producer of Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, but you probably know him as the man behind Family Guy... Seth MacFarlane!

I'm super excited about this bit of news... Congratulations to LeVar and the rest of the Reading Rainbow Team!

With Seth MacFarlane's Match-up the Reading Rainbow Campaign will reach Six Million Dollars... That's enough to build your very own Bionic Man... Luckily for us, the Reading Rainbow Team will use this money to help Children in need of literacy, a far more better use than a Cyborg Lee Majors.

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