Jul 5, 2014

It Came From the toy Chest: Pony Lesson Set

It's been a while since I've gotten MLP Stuff... Also the Playful pony set with Twist and Silver Spoon is WAY OUT of My League... So, I finally got a Blind Bag Scale Cheerilee (which is a Pinkie Clone) But not only that... I also have a Twist(a-Loo) and a Silver Spoon... Now I need to find an Applebloom, Diamond (dazzle) Tiara and another Hatless Applejack set... Sadly there are no Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle in this Scale.

Glasses seem a bit too big, due to safety issues.
Again, these are inarticulate figurines as you've seen in previous reviews... Unlike past figurines, these ones have Accessories. Twist and Silver Spoon have Glasses. The Final Accessory...

Is the Smarty Pants Doll...
Here's a Mandatory shot of Big McIntosh with Smarty Pants.

 While you can use the Blind Bag Scaled ponies as props for other lines, the Smarty Pants Doll works just as well with the Playful Pony Scale. I love it when Hasbro does nods to the shows with the toys... (Now if they could give us Big Mac, Granny Smith, Doctor Whooves and say, Discord in Playful scale... BTW I'm surprised we have not seen Discord in this Mini Scale.)

So, yeah, even if you're not into MLP, this set can give you a few props for displays for other toylines.

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