Jul 2, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: My Little Board Game: Rainbows are Magic

Thanks Mom, for this present... She found an MLP Boardgame made by Cardinal Industries and Hasbro.

Basically the objective of the game is to Create a Rainbow and reach Canterlot BEFORE the oncoming storm arrives.

You move around the board by using a spinner. the spinner has several spaces like numbered spaces that tell you how many spaces on the board you can move. Storm spaces that turn a sun tile into a storm tile... 6 Storm Tiles equals Game over, everypony loses. The Ponyville Space is basically the "Jail Space" and you're trapped in Ponyville unless you or a friend rolls a heart or lands on a heart space.

The board itself has a few special spaces like:
Sun Space: Restore a Sun Tile by flipping a Storm Tile.
Spin again: Spin the Spinner one more time.
Heart Space: Free a Pony from Ponyville
Rainbow Space: Add a Rainbow Piece to the Rainbow.
Pony Home Space: The starting position for each pony.

Here's a quick rough video I made while I took a break from doing Laundry.

After I made the video (and another load of Laundry) I got to play the game on a sturdy surface and it can be a bit tough for a game that is for 3 year old children. I LOST because all 4 ponies were stuck in Ponyville and the Storm Tiles began to pile up easily. There seems to be something off with my Spinner since 7 out of 10 spins often end up in Ponyville.  One little complaint that I have is that this game would have been better with 6 players AND have the Mane 6 as playing pieces. The only reason this game won't see too much play is because it IS a My Little Pony game and most of my friends don't feel comfortable around ponies.

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