Jul 22, 2014

Shark Week is coming and Kowl-o-Meter Update.

Shark Week is coming back... No surprise there. The surprise is that they're going to do a sequel to the infamous Megalodon mockumentary. I get that they're doing it for the ratings, but it looks like Ratings might be what kills Discovery Channel's Credibility!

Will I watch Shark Week? Not sure. I've not been that faithful to it in the last few years.
I know I linked Last year's Shark Week rant. I'll try to see if I can get excited about it.  Heck! When Disney Channel (or Disney XD) rips off Shark Week, you know it has reached rock bottom.

Looks like Mattel did throw a curve ball at me.
 The Kowl-O-Meter has risen THREE PERCENT!! He is now at 47%  THAT is a GREAT THING!! We're still 2 days before the last update BEFORE SDCC.
Here's what Neitlich had to say.

Now This is great news! We have 47% BEFORE SDCC and most of the Resellers have not made their orders. Here's hoping we see this meter crawl a lot higher AFTER SDCC.

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