Jul 17, 2014

Kowlometer blues

So, El Kowlométro is at 44% and yes, I used the Spanish name for the Kowl-O-Meter because I can...
So, 44% Last time it was 42% then 40% and Am I the only one seeing some sort of pattern here?
 Now don't get me wrong. Attaining 44% of the needed subs a week before the San Diego Comic Con reveals is a GREAT THING. Here's hoping that we reach 50% BEFORE SDCC.
Something here stinks and it ain't Stinkor or Lieutenant Spector
I know that the lull after the first few days, but before SDCC slows things down a bit, but Isn't it a bit convenient that the intervals are going up in 2%  by each update? Last Thursday we had the 40% then on Tuesday it went all the way up to 42%
Thursday,  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday... 5 days to reach 42% from 40%!? Then today we reached 44% from that 42%... Isn't that peculiar? I should say that next Tuesday we'll reach 46% Or will we reach a higher number so Mattel can throw a curve ball at us?

The Tinfoil hat wearing side of me believes that Mattel is cooking the books with the subs. Mayhaps the numbers are higher, but to set us in panic, they're claiming they're not.

The seemingly rational side of me thinks that something odd is going on, but I can't say "Mattel IS Tampering with the sub numbers to scare us into buying them subs." Instead let's focus on Nearly HALF of the Subscriber base Without the big resellers who await the SDCC Reveals has subscribed Blindly BEFORE SDCC... Now I can be certain of one thing. Not many people subbed up because of the "Free Stands" that Matty is offering as an incentive to sub fully blind. It's a decent number, but I'm hoping that the big resellers DO buy their subs by SDCC so we can see those numbers rise like Diet Coke with Mentos.

If you want MOTUC to reach 2015 and for some reason you have not bought the sub, go to Mattycollector.com and buy the sub! Final year and hopefully the last MOTUC Sub Drive!! Except for the possible 2015 mini sub...)

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