Jul 1, 2014

For some reason MLP's SDCC2014 Exclusive reminds me of Flashdance

That's because She'a a Mane-iac!! Maneeeeeeeee-iac on the floor!
No, Really... The Mane-iac from the Power Ponies Episode is the SDCC Exclusive for MLP in 2014...

But that's not all... The Pony version of Mane-iac comes with Spike as Humdrum (as seen on the Power Ponies Episode) Here's hoping we see a set of Power Ponies.

You noticed I said Pony Version... That implies that there is an Equestria Girls version, which there totally is. Luckily I do not give a flying feather about EG Toys. Sadly, as with Many Hasbro SDCC Items, I'd have to be extremely lucky to win one in a fan contest, or pray that it  makes it to Toys R Us and that I can get one.

Aside the Hair Metalformers, Hasbro has been making cool exclusives for SDCC this year...

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