Jun 28, 2014

Despara: The Rant.

I'm strongly sided in team Despara for MOTUC. This is so far the only TRULY GOOD THING out of the NU52 MOTU. I'm HOPING that the 2015 Sub exclusive IS her... The reasoning behind wanting Despara is simple. Despara is the most intimidating form of Force Captain Adora.
This has nothing to do with Matt C. Kayser's amazing fanfic (though it helps out my desire for her)
Second: I can display both Despara and Adora and have a myriad of explanations for it.
(Adora battling her inner demon, the Despara title was given to another and now Adora has to end her "legacy", etc.)

Third: Despara would look so freaking sweet in a Horde Display.

Crazy thing is that Despara through the Classicizer Machine with heavy reuse is almost doable...
Heads: New (one based on the Adora mold but with ears and short hair. The other is based on her Hordak-esque Helmet.)
The Torso is obviously Battleground Teela's.
Armor and cape are new.
Shoulders: Scorpia
Biceps and Forearms are Adora's
the hands are the normal Female hands
The "Loincloth" would be a new piece
Her thighs would be Entrapta's and her shins Frosta's
Her Feet are Teela's and that gives us a Classicized Despara...

Of course, I'd welcome a Despara with more new pieces, but I can sacrifice a few Details for getting the figure.

With that said, I'm hoping that Despara ends up being the sub exclusive. Since Eldor is coming in October 2014, there is no real figure to fill in that role of "Sub Exclusive"... I mean, what? are we going to fill in that Slot with Oo-Larr: The Alcala He-Man?
An even MORE NAKED He-Man to fill in the slot of Sub Exclusive...
Really? He's not even THE He-Man in the MOTUC canon... Sorry Pre-Filmation fans, but having this guy as a sub exclusive at this stage of the game is not a great idea. Then there's the 2015 Mini Comic, which ties in with Gorpo's Mini comic, so another reason for Despara to be the Sub Exclusive.

I mean, there is a more horrible direction that Mattel could go with sub exclusives... Skeleteen, or Dare. (who I fear may sneak in the line if we're to believe Scott Neitlich)

around the one minute mark he mentions what the 2015 sub will have... Completing Vintage MOTU and Variants, Completing POP minus variants, key NA, Filmation, MYP, and MINI COMIC Characters.

Scott had mentioned before that Son of He-Man characters would most likely be 2016 items...Since there is no 2016 now, I expect Dare and Skeleteen to show up as the Chase item and Traveling Con item... In these slots they're not part of the sub which keeps the Vintage Wrap-up promise as true. Also they are the most A-List characters of the He-Ro: son of He-Man era. Scott DID say something about giving us A-Listers from other eras, which also covers Dare and Skeleteen. (who happen to be the only two missing figures from that era, since we have KHM, Spector, SLL, Demo-Man, and Gorpo) Well, I don't have a King He-Man since I didn't do the Full 2013 sub, but you get the idea.

I don't KNOW if it'll be Despara, but she seems the Optimum Candidate for Sub Exclusive... That's not counting the whole (84 vs 85 being She-ra's true "birthyear" and making 14 or 15 her true 30th.)

Well, there is always Songster, who I'd totally welcome, but he has No Chance in Hell...

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