Jun 7, 2014

Hordak BS and I'm talking about Buzz Saw... and the other BS.

So, while the idea that Buzz Saw Hordak may show up between 2014 and 2015 is not far-fetched. (See the whole Completing the Original Line in Classics game plan) The question is DO WE TRULY NEED a FIFTH Hordak Variant with very little differences to the Original?
There are Two Differences between Buzz Saw Hordak and Normal Hordak:
Action Feature and Belt. Since Action Features are a no go, then all this Hordak would get is a Different Belt.

Yippee!! Catra Variants are highly unlikely (We totally need at least 1 Catra variant based on her toy looks with no Horde Insignia) but a fourth Hordak Variant with LITTLE Differences to Standard Hordak is A-OK... WHAT THE *Expletive Deleted*!?

Since We have to stick to the "classics style" Buzz Saw Hordak would be redundant. Here is where I WISH that Mattel would allow the FourHorsemen to go wild. Or at least do what Mattel did not do With Filmation Hordak: Make Buzz Saw Hordak DIFFERENT ENOUGH from past Hordaks to make him Worthwhile. Mattel NEEDS to move Heaven and Earth in order to add stuff to this Hordak to make him worthwhile. I'd start with a head: Filmation Style. I'd make a more Filmation-Like "Half" Armor to match the Normal Hordak Armor so Filmation Fans could switch armors with the BS Hordak to make a Filmation Accurate Hordak.

Where does that leave the Buzz Saw "feature"?
The solution might be simpler than you think. The addition of an extra piece that slips under the normal armor and can hold the Buzz Saw as well.
The image may seem a bit inappropriate due to the clipper's position, but the principle is the same. I used the clipper since it was heavy enough. It's almost a Bubble Power She-Ra or Snake Man-at-Arms scenario. Mixing and matching between two Hordaks to more or less get what you need.

So this First Idea to make BS Hordak be 20% Cooler requires:
New Head
New Armor
New Flap for the Buzz Saw as explained
New Buzz Saw
New BS Hordak Accurate Loincloth (Worst Case Scenario: Reuse Mosquitor's)
5 New Pieces.

Option 2: Is to "Classicize" the 200X Look and add the Buzz Saw Flap to that armor.
That would still require:
New 200X  Head
New Armor
New Cowl
New Loincloth
New Buzz Saw
5 New Parts.

The Third Option would be El-Mega-Cheapo Option to make him look different:
Techno Virus the *expletive deleted* out of Hordak. I'm talking Roboto Shoulders and biceps
Intergalactic Skeletor Thighs, Horde Trooper Torso... The works.
Here he's only need:
New Torso Armor
New Buzz Saw
New Filmation head. (If Hordak's looking more robotic, then the robotic Filmation head would be a nice bonus)
New Loincloth
Now we have 4 new pieces, but the differences are worthwhile. Better than what we're likely to get.

What I expect to get:
Same old Hordak, but with the following new pieces:
New Armor
New Buzz Saw
If we're lucky, New Belt.

I honestly think that if Mattel had combined Buzz Saw with Filmation Hordak from the beginning we wouldn't be in this conundrum. Right now this figure screams Wasted slot when we have 5 Vintage variants left (including him) We have Multibot missing and possibly some steeds. (Clawdeen, Mantisaur, Stridor, Nightstalker, or Sagitar come to mind) Worst Case Scenario, I'd love to get the Buzz Saw Armor and saw as an extra with another figure.

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