Jun 1, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Lamebow Power Fluttershy and 2 more mini Ponies

Let's be honest here: I did NOT Buy this set for Lamebow Power Fluttershy. Not even for Thunderlane who saved Worst Pony from certain Doom...
Let her fall... Only Spike will weep for her.
We all know that the only reason to get this set is because it has a pony, a VERY Special Pony... Yes, I'm talking about Derpy!!
Or in Hasbro's terms. A Muffin. Apparently, Derpy is like Prince and changed her name to a drawing of a Muffin.

So, let's stop rambling about the Characters and let's hear Fluttershy's thoughts on Rainbow Power:

Yeah, not even Tirek being a Rainbow Power victim can make the RP Look seem cool. Not even Supaa Saiyajin Toaraitto Spaaku can make Lamebow Power seem cool.
 The set is Technically called Soaring Pegasus set, but has no Soarin'... The set actually contains 3 pegasususususes...  Fluttershy, thunderlane and Derpy Hooves.
If you're into the Rainbow Powered Look, then this set might be for you. If you're into Derpy, this set Might be for you. If you're Worst Pony, then this set may not be for you since it has no sign of Worst Pony... At least it doesn't have the infamous "Waifu Stealer"
 Out of the bag... or in this case box, there is not much to talk about since these are in the mini ponies scale from the blind bags... So, if you've collected blind bag ponies or previous packs; you know what to expect.

 Fluttershy is a repaint of the Fluttershy from recent blind bags, which is a reissue from the Fluttershy that comes with Steven Magnet and Worst Pony. I think the Manticore is in that set as well. I never saw that set... But at least this Fluttershy is NOT a repaint of Rainbow Dash. That should count as a good thing... Right?

Problem is that "Rainbowfied" Fluttershy looks like she got a horrible case of the Cutie Pox!

Thunderlane is a brand new buck. It doesn't match the Wonderbolt buck, which is the other Pegasus buck that I knew of. He's simply a background pony, that I care very little about.

Let's stop dilly-dallying and get to the Star of this set, the one, the only... Derpyyyyyy Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovesah!

So, Derpy... She's got a brand new Pegasus buck, which I hope that it gets some reuse, because I'm tired of most pegasi standing on their hind legs... They tend to fall far too much... (The Pinkie Clones fall a lot as well, I blame the weight of their manes) Like Rainbow Dash, Derpy's Cutie Mark is on her leg instead of her flank. This often happens with pegasi with larger cutie marks. There seems to be something a bit off on the headsculpt for Derpy and Fluttershy. Not sure if it's because of the 3D adaptation of their 2D designs, or something else. I guess it bugs me a bit more on Derpy's face, since the Pegasus face looks perfect on Rainbow Dash. No, it's not the Eyes that bug me... It's somewhere on the snout where something seems off. Aha! I figured the issue with Fluttershy. The hair on her mane is completely on one side of her body.

But Finally I have a Blind Bag Scale Derpy, a funrise Scale Plush Derpy... All I need is a Fashion Scale Derpy like that infamous SDCC Derpy that I was never able to obtain...

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