Jun 27, 2014

2015 Sub-a-thon has begun...

Now for a Mandatory Shang Tsung clip...

The Subscription Period began a few hours ago on Mattycollector.
The Figures Price increase is from $25 to $26...
Translation: Two Packs are $52, Variants are $26, there'a a $42 Item Guessing a steed and the Year End Holiday Item ($60) possibly Multibot. Gauging by the remaining Vintage items I can safely speculate: 2 $52 items are He-Man vs Skeletor two packs (Flying Fist He-Man vs Terror Claws Skeletor, then the Laser themed pack) The sole Variant is likely to be BS Hordak. I'm hoping that the steed is either Clawdeen or Storm.

This time the subs have an end cap... Not a minimum cap, but a maximum cap. No more subs past X amount will be sold. I hope they also have a Y amount of subs as a minimum.

This is it guys, the Last Ride... Let's make it happen and kick Mattel in the butt to show them that MOTU fans are determined to see this to the end... Or at least to complete Vintage MOTU and POP with a sprinkling of other stuff.

Oh yeah, if you sign up before July 25th, Toyguru will send you a free set of stackable stands...
(Not dumping them on us because they were unpopular) but free stuff is the best kind of stuff (like how I've gotten my Duncan #2, Shadow Weaver, Thunderpunch He-Man, Sy-Klone, Vykron,Wind Raider, Zecora among other things that I've gotten for gratis and I've reviewed...) So, yeah... a set of stands for free... cool. Gift Horse and all that.

Point is that Scare Tactics or not, Mattel is hellbent on ending this sub drive as fast as possible.

So, if you wanna sub up, hit Mattycollector!
I got mine and it seems that shipping on January is gratis! Sure I had a few issues and had to call Customer Service, but I got my Order Confirmation and was billed for whoever is the Sub Exclusive for 2015... final MOTU Year... Giddy up!
*Update* shipping's not free. Seems that the free stands that Mattel is tossing in is giving people a discount on shipping.

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