Jun 9, 2014

Hoo boy! Mattel keeps making MOTU look racist!!

I kinda mocked them SJWs when I made the He-Man and the Masters of Racism rant by trying to overplay things that seemed racist in MOTU and SJWhined the heck out of them. Mattel answered a Q&A from He-Man.org and here's the question that made me raise my eybrow:

5. Shokoti's Slave: Is Randor the king of the entire planet of Eternia, ruling over other lands and monarchs? Or just the kingdom of Eternos?

Randor is the King over all of the Light Hemisphere. Other lands do have lords or "rulers" like Stratos who commands Avion but is loyal to Randor in Eternos.

Mattel's answer is the part in bold (I did not need to enhance it.)

 The Qadians, the Andreenids, the Avionians, the Gar (if there are any on Anwat Gar), the Pellezeeans, the Kulataks, all of those "sub-human creatures" bend the knee to the Caucasian King Randor. They can have lords, rulers or chiefs, but the one True King is the Burger King Look-alike!

That is what makes this a bit disturbing. But this whole One King who rules Multiple Kingdoms seems a bit Familiar.

I mean even if we look at Earth Kingdoms we see that in Europe there were Multiple Kingdoms. Why mot apply this Logic to Eternia. It would make a lot of sense having the Different species having their own kingdoms. The Qadians have their kingdom, as well as Randor and the Avionians, to name a few.

While Randor still has the Lion's share of the land, (that can be blamed on Randor being the King of the "Men" in the Light Hemisphere.) he isn't the sole ruler in the Light Hemisphere.

With Multiple Kingdoms we have a reason for Randor to be Diplomatic with the other Species.  It gives us a reason on why he would have to convince them to form an alliance against Skeletor, the Horde and the Snakemen. Not to mention a Reason for Adam to keep the He-Man identity a secret.

Also, It seems a bit evil that Randor would RULE ALL OF ETERNIA (at least the Light Hemisphere). I'd expect that out of Hordak or Skeletor, not Randor. This is why I hate it when Mattel's "Q&A Team" pulls answers out of their ass.

So, back to racism... Having the White Male ruling over everything makes Randor seem a bit like a white supremacist... (Looking at his Special Army we can see why we can make that connection)
If Randor rules all; there is no need for diplomacy. Randor can act despotically and force his subordinates to battle Skeletor. The only good thing that could come about a Supreme Ruler Randor involves rebellion from the other provinces... Wait, that sounds like straight out of an incomplete GRRM Series of Books...

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