Jun 4, 2014

Wait... Is Hasbro trying to outdo Mattel with the WTF Items?

I bitched about Baby Skeletor... I praised Hasbro for their Marvel Exclusives (even if the infinity Gauntlet set is a bit too Expensive). Hasbro feeling left behind and wanting me to rant about them, released info on their Transformers SDCC Exclusive.

Having a little background music will help...
Transformers: Unicron Knights.
Take Optimus Prime, Jazz, Soundwave and Megatron. Reimagine them as an 80s hair metal band.
The same ones that have been released already in the $12-$15 range. The Soundwave and Megatron, I already reviewed. The only cool additions are Keytar Ratbat and Guitar Laserbeak.
They also get tassels, mullets and hairband paintjobs... All for the small pricetag of $185 Plus taxes. there are some posters and other crap, but really? $185 for $60 worth in Transformers?

Even if it was $60, it's a Hasbro SDCC Exclusive, which means I can't get it...

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