Jun 27, 2014

It came from the Toy Chest: White Stretchy Knight Edition

This is my MOTUC Extendar review and before I start; I'll point some things out:

-I never had Extendar as a child, so I have no attachment to him.
-I think that by default he is better than Sir-Laser-Lot, since he's the Original MOTU Knight.
-The Horde Created a White Knight with a Peace Sign on his neck... WTF?
-I am very likely to WILL mock some "Internet White Knights" with this figure. Mostly their behavior, not the persons.
-This is another "Buzz-Off" which makes a past character useless... Ooh! Poor Mekaneck... He already has low self-esteem... This guy might ruin what little self-esteem he has.
unextended he's OK-ish

With all that said: Let's tackle the Tower of Power: Extendar!

Just by looking at him you can see that he does NOT have standard MOTUC Articulation. He has extra points of articulation when extended, but some of the basic PoA are severely limited (ankles, Shoulders, thighs) Incredibly enough while limited, the ankles are loose as Heck! Also, his hands are gummy... and I'm talking Gummi Bear Gummy... 3.0

Without extending his arm is super long.
Paint and Sculpt:
It's pretty obvious that he is composed mostly of new parts. Only the hands seem reused. Now the sculpt... was ruined by Ruben Martinez... His incompetence knows no bounds. the Forearms are ridiculously long because no one thought: "Hey! Let's make the bracer and hand one piece like Horde Prime. Since it's removable the swivel PoA would be preserved there. That way we could have the hole be on the bracer and the peg be on the forearm. That would make him incompatible with Trap Jaw, etc, but his ball joints on the body already make him incompatible with Trap Jaw, etc.
Then there's the crotch... the explanation of Safety Regulations requiring the huge golden belt can be best described by Jeff Goldblum

Luckily, I was able to fix this...
I can say that because my Extendar had his loincloth unglued. It fell off as I pulled him apart to test the extensions. While, yes they DID need some clearance space for the plug to fit, the design decision to widen the top red band on his belt instead of widening the red part of his belt is a horrible decision further proof of Ruben's incompetence. Aside Ruben's incompetence, the new pieces made by the Horsemen look pretty Cool. Paintwise, mine is a bit sloppy. The gold paint seems to be missing in some small areas of his belt, shoulders, boot accents, forearms and armor.

He has his Vintage Shield, with the advantage that it has real hinges instead of folding a strip of plastic.
stretched out he topples easily...
He has a brand new lance... that would totally rock in Translucent red for Sir Loser-Lot! Then there are his extensions.
So far the only good pic I have of him...
3.33 is the Score for Extendar. I mostly blame the iffy paintjob on mine, the fact that mine came apart in an unexpected way and Ruben's incompetence. Personally, if I was a cherry picker, this guy would have stayed behind. He does very little to me as a toy... Maybe I just need to warm up to him or something.

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