Jun 4, 2014

It's Official: George R.R. Martin has completely lost his mind.

I guess he's the only one who believes that he will end the 6th and 7th book Before HBO catches up to him. I FINALLY finished A Dance with Dragons which took me a LOT of EFFORT TO READ since it felt more like a chore than something out of passion. (The fact that the book felt like filler did not help)
I know this feels like a retread of the Stark Children are growing rant. I'm only pointing it out because EVEN HIS EDITOR believes that seven books may not be enough... Then again, 4 and 5 were supposed to be one book...

I know that I'm retreading again, so I'll quote myself.
He's had nearly 20 years to finish the series (the first book was Published in 1996) The HBO Series began filming in 2010... 2010-1996=14 so he's had plenty of time to finish

Seriously, GRRM must be the King of Procrastination. He should be careful. In Westeros the kings drop like flies!

Seeing comments such as:
I'm glad to see he managed to find time from not writing Winds of Winter to continue not writing it...

Kinda tell the story on how fans perceive GRRM.

Good to know that GRRM has also time to do voiceovers...

I know it sounds whiny, but I'm afraid every time I see GRRM's mug on a news article it will say that he has died. I know that rushing IS bad, but leaving the series unfinished is worse.
Basically this is the A Dance With Dragons rant of the whole Song of Ice and Fire rants...
A bunch of words and nothing really happened. I may forget the plot of the previous books by the time The Winds of Winter shows up.

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