Jun 1, 2014

Odds and ends June First 2014: Brolin, Brady Bunch and Bieber

Brought you by the Letter B, apparently... Well, let's start with Josh Brolin, actor, who now is Thanos... Or at least his voice. I actually find this as a great idea, since Brolin is a great actor and I think he can pull off the Mad Titan

(Now if I could find an arcade cabinet with Marvel Superheroes)

But who will cook the meals at the Brady Household now? (Because, Ann B. Davis, who played Alice in The Brady Bunch has passed away.)
She fell, hit her head and never regained consciousness. That is one sad way to go, but on the other hand, It wasn't a long and agonizing death.

I thank her for all of her years entertaining people with her work.

Bieber Apologizing for some of his douchebaggery?
 Worst part is that now I MAY HAVE TO defend this clown... Apparently, in 2009 he made a racist joke and it was recorded. Some people published it recently and Bieber apologized. Really, taking this out NOW when Bieber being a supreme A-Hole and a Douchebag stories are a dime a dozen. This whole Racist Bieber thing should have exploded back then in 09! It's a bit too far in trying to knock him down a few pegs. In 5 years people can change, grow and maybe regret doing some of the idiotic things they did in the past.

Bieber's Apology while it sounds a bit artificial (due to his current immature behavior) DOES show that he MAY have the capability of growing up and acting like a better human being.

Y' know what? While I may Dislike his music and attitude, if he keeps this Apologizing for his mistakes, acting more Maturely and hopefully stop acting like an entitled douchebag who thinks he's above the law because he is affluent; he may be able to lose haters.

If this new Bieber is sincere, then there is hope. Sadly, I don't buy this apology... Perhaps he is counting in positive articles written about him saying that he's grown up and taking responsibility for his actions... Well, He's currently got a big list of things that he needs to take responsibility for.
Only Time will tell.

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