Jun 3, 2014

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Glittery Sunscreen.



Yes, boys and girls, Cedric Diggory is (very likely to become) your new Indiana Jones.

I have nothing Personally against Twilight's Sparkle boy to be a "Young Indiana Jones". It's a lot better than having the nononono idiot carrying the torch of Indy's Legacy. It's just that they should let Indiana Jones rest for 10 more years before rebooting.

This is why The Last Crusade should have stayed the Last Indiana Jones Movie.

Is this a way to add some "young Indiana Jones adventures" and keeping the 3 real Indiana Jones movies relevant? No, Kingdom of Crappy Aliens and Shia the Ape never happened.

Is this a way to "reboot the Franchise" and have different adventures instead of Remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark? Perhaps justifying the differences in Cast based on who is telling or reading the stories of Dr. Henry Jones Junior?

Pattinson is a decent actor. He just happened to do 5 movies about Poisonous Faeries. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I mean Harrison Ford is a bit too old to be running around and whipping Russian Communists... It's not the same without the Nazis... Maybe that's the reason for the change in cast.

He may not be the worst choice, but so far he seems the most controversial one because Twilight.

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