Jun 20, 2014

Toyguru drops an A-Bomb for 2015

We knew the Buy the Sub would start on this month... But we didn't expect this (or the Spanish Inquisition)

This ad has a familiar vibe to it...

Holy crap! Is this for Real!? The Guru basically is saying that 2015 is The Final Year for MOTUC!!
THIS IS THE SUB THAT WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT IT REACHES ITS GOAL!! This is the Final Sub... If we give up for 2015, then we will lose the Final Year... Completing the Vintage MOTU Roster (Including Variants) and Completing the POP Roster (Excluding Variants) and some key Players from the Filmation, Jetlag and Mike Young Productions MOTU Cartoons!

The Most Expansive MOTU Line will end (and will do so BEFORE George RR Martin gets to release the sixth ASoIaF book) I know these last two years, I've campaigned for the sub and we have gotten some awesome figures.

It's been one HELL of a Ride, when you look back at the things that we got, we went beyond the original lines in some ways. In other ways we fell short of those vintage lines. Right now, we need to saddle up ONE MORE TIME to get the most comprehensive MOTU Line EVER!!

I have to be honest here. MOTUC may be OUR LAST MOTU Rodeo (as we remember) in our lifetime. Giving up before this LAST Roundup is most likely to bury MOTU FOREVER! If we make this Final Sub and beat the lights out of it, we COULD make Mattel Rethink the whole 2015 is the end... Do we want to end the line without completing the rosters of the main two lines or do we want to complete those and see what else we can make Mattel produce for us to buy?

Remember to visit Mattycollector on Friday June 27 to buy the Final Sub... Just buy as many as you need and can afford comfortably. If you need and can afford only one, so be it. If you need 3 and can afford them, go for it. If you can't afford any subs, then at least help promoting the Final year and hope for the best!

(I have to admit, that pic is freaking awesome! Shame that only for the Final Year Mattel pulls off a bitchin' piece of art!)

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