Jun 10, 2014

Lion King Spin-Off? They're doing a Son of Simba show... Really!?

But... What about Neve Campbell: Simba's Daughter? A Background Character? Her younger Brother? Has a Tattoo and a Mohawk? It's like The Lion King Meets the Avengers? What is Disney Smoking?

I just don't know how to start this aside WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS!?
Seriously, a Lion King Spin-Off where Simba's "Radical and XTREEEEM!" son (cause he has a tat and a Mohawk)  and his team of Pride Lands animals fight to save the Pride Lands from... uh, Pretty Tame stuff because the show will be on Disney Junior. This team is called: the Lion Guard... So far it seems to have only ONE Lion... There's a Honey Badger, a Cheetah, a Hippo, and There's also Ygritte  I mean an Egret... Videos involve real animal counterparts of The Lion Guard... Viewer Discretion is adviced.

I wonder if this will be pretty much a Sofia the First but for boys. Since this is a Son of Simba Show, I guess Simba will be a background character... I hope my Favorite Talking Arm gets to voice Simba once again!

Here's the thing: The only thing that I don't dig from this whole thing... Aside the XTREEM! Kion Ling: Son of Simba, or the Avengimals Assemble thing is: It'll be on Disney Junior. So, We won't see Gargoyles level of action here.

Wonder if we'll have some drama from the Kimba People.

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