Jun 13, 2014

It's Friday, Friday, Baby Skeletor Sold out on Thursday!

It's Friday the 13th!! You know what that Means? No Pre-Marital Sex at camp...

Well, I was wrong about Early Access. It was on THOR'S DAY and not on Friday... I missed out on Baby Skeletor who sold out in less than an hour...

Of course, I'm calling Shenanigans. How could THAT sell all of its stock in less than an hour...
I don't buy it. Some folks claim that he truly did sell out... I wouldn't be surprised if they "find" a crate of them for SDCC...

But you know what else is Buzz Saw? The Matty Gift Certificates. They don't work on Early access, but apparently they also do not work when trying to buy stuff from the site.

Here's a post from He-Man.org telling the story of the uselessness of the Certificates.

I could have sworn that the Not working during Early Access thing was NOT on them when I ranted about them on December 2013.

Hopefully Mattel can solve this issue, because this royally sucks. Here we have people trying to be good friends/relatives buying these certificates so a friend or relative can buy Mattycollector Products and Surprise, the gift certificate doesn't work.


  1. It does make me wonder how limited these actually were. Like maybe only a couple hundred or so?

    1. I'm guessing that they did have a lower run on him. I just don't believe they put all of it on Matty. Ignoring the small percentage of Customer Service Stock, I'm pretty sure that some of them WILL appear at San Diego. The video that Neitlich did with the Robot Chicken folks to promote this thing is the thing that is telling me that "There is more to this than meets the eye."

      Why spend resources to make a video for an item that has a "Super Low Run" and that it would be "virtually for Subscribers only"? It doesn't add up!