Jun 8, 2014

Spidey Statue Spidey Statue... Your Raging Erection called for your Destruction?

So, Korea... It gave us Tae Kwon Do, Gangnam Style and a Spider-Man Statue was erected on a Mall, overlooking the Play/rest Area. One Big Problem was the Tent on Parker's Tights.

(Seems appropriate bgm for this rant.)
 I'm resisting urges to fill this rant with pics of Black Cat Cosplay...
So, I'm posting a pic of a dead Gwen Stacy to help Spidey kill that boner.

Now here's the thing: It took them almost a year to notice the boner and take it off!?

Some of the complaints regarding the infamous Spider-Boner include the whole "Spider-Man is a Children's Character"... Who did a LITERAL DEAL WITH THE DEVIL to fix some of his mistakes and undo his marriage to super model Mary Jane Watson. Next to the whole Making a Deal with the Devil, an erection seems like nothing.
 I'd be a lot more worried if the character sporting an Erection had been Hal Jordan... (He has a thing for young girls... OK it was ONE Girl... or Two.)

It's simply an erection. They tend to happen at awkward times to young, healthy males without any Erectile Dysfunction. Besides, Spidey and his Spider-Boner were not in reach of the public.
It's not like the Spidey was put for the public to interact with as we've seen people do with the Infamous Ronald on a Bench pics.
This was the safest Ronald Pic I found.
In any case, the "offensive" statue was taken down and the mall will no longer have a Spider-Woody looking down on people.

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