Jun 22, 2014

All Toylines must end... or Reinvent themselves.

Rebranding the line COULD be an option. Not sure if it will happen since the Guru is sending mixed Signals. With that said, if a Rebranding happens, it may not be such a bad thing.

Now, This rant is based on idea that the rebranding is a change in name and will keep using the basic bodies made by the FourHorsemen Studios and any new pieces are being made by Mattel's design team. No changes in scale for the sake of the idea. A Worst Case Scenario is a change of scale.

So, once again, assuming Mattel decides to reuse these already made molds , then we COULD be for a treat.

-The New Name for the line May give Mattel an easily exploitable Loophole to do "Reelease" of Classics Figures that couldn't be reissued under the Classics Banner because of self-imposed rules by Mattel. Figures like Shadow Weaver, King He-Man, etc.

-Neitlich may see the rebranded line as a perfect outlet to release the maligned Skeleteen and Dare. (Though, I STRONGLY Believe that they ARE coming in 2015)

-Correcting Past Mistakes from Classics: Roboto's cracking Chest comes to mind (and his reversed Shoulders... Hell, a TRUE Vintage King Hssss with Corrected Shoulders, 6 Snaked alternate Torso and reusing Dekker's boots would be a nice touch!

-Reissuing Normal Figures that are Hard To Find (or doing redecos). Of course I'm talking about of the infamous 12.
Evil Lyn
Trap Jaw

IF this line were to reach Retail, I expect less paint deco and Accessories. for Example, MAA would have only his mace, would lose one of his heads and maybe he'd get a new back piece for the armor WITHOUT the extra holsters for weapons he will not get. Then less paint applications on him, cause Logistics.

Before anyone says Rebuying the 12 pack, there is one way that would make some of y'all consider it.

Picture something like that but with a MOTUC Scaled Figure. Obviously with a lot less Cardboard and no mini comic.
A Vintage inspired card may impress even the Loose Collectors to get a MOC figure or two.

But, in order for us to be worried about 2016, we first need to MAKE IT PAST 2015... As I said on my last rant, If we can afford it, we NEED to Saddle up for one last ride.

Of course Rebranding Could mean a change like Total Heroes line for DC and make the MOTUC bucks obsolete.

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