Jun 5, 2014

Baby Skeletor Follow up... now with more Robot Chicken

Look at this!

The Robot Chicken guys DID work with ♠ to make this thing happen... Baby Skeletor was going to be in-scale with MOTUC, but DAMN YOU SETH GREEN, DAMN YOU TO HELL!!

We could have gotten a Baby Buck... With it all that Mattel would have had to do is make new heads for Baby Adam and Baby Adora. Hell: Horde Trooper Buck, new Filmation Hordak head, The Baby Adora and we could have had an amazing exclusive. Toss in a Skeletor with a Red Horde Armor with Purple bat and a Baby Adam and we'd have the perfect set. Horde Apprentice Skeletor and Baby Snatching Hordak... All of this would have been possible IF we had gotten that infamous Baby Buck... But noooooooooo! Seth Green wanted to cuddle and carry a Baby Skeletor... Well

So, this confirms that this is a Robot Chicken item... After dumping Multiple Mo-Larr sets through Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday Sales, the Blind Box packs, Hell even dumping the excess stock through Big Lots! and Mattel still thinks that doing another MOTU/Robot Chicken crossover is a great idea!?

The video seemed like a little fluff piece from Mattel, trying to make this thing more appealing to fans. Time will tell if this will be a failure or a victory for Mattel.

Here's a video that will make my thoughts on Baby Skeletor clear for the TL;DR crew:

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