Jun 25, 2014

Young and Hungry: Emily Osment steps from Her Brother and Miley's shadows.

Ah, Emily Osment... So underrated in Hannah Montana as Miley's Sidekick, Lilly.

She is also known as Someone's Little Sister... I'll give you a hint:

Well it was Disney Related... Let me try again...

Yes, She is Haley Joel Osment's kid sister... Now ascended to a Show Lead... Sure she's done a few Lifetime movies, but now she's carrying her own show. No Miley to overshadow her.

Young and Hungry... Yeah, I'm not so sure that I'll watch it religiously.

There's the ad promo for the show... I watched the pilot and It was so-so. The show had a vibe similar to The Nanny, even if the show wasn't a straight up knock-off like a lame Disney Channel show.

I still need to get used to her new character Gabi and not see Lilly or Lola. While Arrow is in hiatus, I may watch this... But when Ollie Queen Returns, I'm sorry Lilly... er... Gabi! So far, I'll give it the 3 Episode test. If by the third Episode I'm not hooked, buh-bye!

While totally unrelated, this is scaring me a little bit. Am I getting too hyped for Girl Meets World?

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