Jun 19, 2014

Kim Kardashian Videogame is coming... no, wait, it's ALREADY OUT!?

I am surprised that Miss Pop Culture Critic has not said ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME. Cause, you know, she's such a HARDCORE Gamer and ultra fan of gaming. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood A game where Kim Kardashian helps you become a celebrity... She recently talked about "Prostituted Women" in videogames and how bad it is that they exist. Not to mention that the term "Prostituted Women" makes it sound like ALL WOMEN are FORCED Into Prostitution. I fear the backlash she'll get from the women in the sex profession. This time she can't blame it on men. But I digress... Kim Kardashian, why was she famous again? Something something Sex Tape, hanging out with Paris Hilton, right? So, using Miss Pop Culture Critic's Logic (Leaps) we could say that her key to fame was Sex. Why isn't she attacking a game where you follow a woman who became famous by Banging Moesha's brother.

This is Farmville's Crappy Cousin... You click stuff, wait for nothing to happen and eventually the game will demand your money.

Worst part is that this isn't THE ONLY Kim Kardashian game in the market... The WTF Factor on this has made me pollute my blog by mentioning the name Kardashian... (I feel bad about Robert because of how his family turned the name Kardashian into an abomination that should be erased from Earf!)

We really need some MOTUC reveals soon, otherwise I might slip into madness (but not enough to play the Kim K game! I still have some dignity. I'll replay Ground Zeroes and force myself to like it so I can kick the Phantom Pain's ass!)

Now to wash off the horrible Kim West aftertaste, let me mention Miley Cyrus!!
This time it's a POSITIVE THING!! Miley took some time to send a special message to a dying fan. shame that the child died, but at least the child is at rest now. It's a really sweet thing that Miley took time to do this for a fan. Personally, I'd rather read more Miley Stories like this instead of the usual: "Look at me! I'ma grownup! I dress up scantily and dance suggestively!" Miley stories.

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