Jun 5, 2014

The Post Pick your Pebbles Campaign is Racist.

I've seen a few of the recent Pick your Pebbles ads and all I could think was:
That's Racist, yo!

Look at the Campaign:
John Cena, a white man who dresses in a rainbow of colors is the Captain of Team Fruity Pebbles. Wait, didn't the whole John Cena Fruity Pebbles thing started as a homophobic remark by The Rock?
Kyrie Irving, a black man is the Captain of Team Fruity Pebbles.

Does anyone see what the HELL IS WRONG HERE!?

Look at the ads. Pay special attention to the moment when the captain of the opposing team shows up.
When Cena pops up at Kyrie Irving's ad. Irving looks at him like:
Dude! What the Hell!? I'm in the middle of a commercial here!"
When Irving pops up at Cena's ad; Cena tries to stomp him out of the screen. If I put on my Social Justice Warrior Plaid Shirt and Glasses without lenses, I'd call this Fruity Pebbles ad a "Hate Crime in the making". Guess which of these ads gets aired more often. I'll give you a hint: The one with the Hate Crime ending.

Did no one looked at these and thought:

Hey, these ads seem a bit racist. Shouldn't we rethink this strategy?

These ads are racist and I'm talking Zordon levels of racist here:

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