Jun 23, 2014

Things that I'm hoping to see on MGSV: The Phantom Pain

As you may know, if you've been reading my Non-MOTU and non-MLP rants; I was a bit underwhelmed by Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes  I partially blame Kiefer Sutherland for it. The rest is deviations from Traditional Metal Gear Elements.

Wait... Trailer is showing Ground Zeroes stuff as well; what's going on here!? Yay! Some seemingly superhuman characters... Is that Ginger child Psycho Mantis?

What the Hell!? Was that Metal Gear MK.II as a Tank!?  Well, it IS a Metal Gear so that KINDA kills off one of the things I wanted in this game. Ground Zeroes lacked a big Weapon of Mass Destruction to be eliminated by one Snake. I want that on The Phantom Pain

So, things I want to see in The Phantom Pain:

-More info on the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo... This one is rather obvious. I want to know more about the Evil Organization that rules the world from the shadows. They were pretty much the REAL Antagonists from MGS 2 and 4... With me doing their Dirty Work on 2...

-NO 3 Hours of Torture and Rape of any Female Characters. I had enough from the Chico Tapes and I've Finally recovered enough that I can watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and not hear Paz when Twilight Sparkle Speaks.

-At least ONE SCENE referencing the Cardboard Box. Even if it's not an in-game item.

-More tapes with Classic MG Themes. Sure, it was great to have the Theme of Tara, but I want More... like Red Alert from MG, then there's the MG2 Music... I have a few tracks that I'd like to see. That's without Touching the Solid Games (I'd like to see Snake Eater, Heaven's Divide, and Calling to the Night returning.) Sure, I could add some of these with the MP3 Playback option, but it's not the same. No love for Love Deterrence? I like the song, but the whole Raping Paz from Ground Zeroes, kills a lot of the love for this song.

-No More References to Shadow Moses Heliport... I love the Original MGS a LOT, but the Heliport is starting to become annoying. It was a nice Easter Egg in MGS 4. The whole Deja Vu mission was pushing it... Not even the  A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA!?   reference. STOP IT!!

-More info on Les Enfants Terrible... While, yes it seems that Eli, the kid who curses his fate may be a 12 year old Liquid Snake!! I hope we learn a bit more about the project. (Eli's VA is British, his back has some Kanji that say: Liquid Man, then there's the whole David and ELIab from the Bible. Both of them being brothers...) Hopefully they'll drop some hints on the whole Solidus thing.

-Human Bosses. I don't want this to be a repeat of Peace Walker, where you capture soldiers to defeat the vehicle driver. I wanna fight guys who do superhuman stuff like Float and mess with your save file to see how many Konami Games you play... Or guys who spit out Killer Bees! I don't want bosses that can be dealt with with 1 shot.

-More Cutscenes, but not as many as MGS4... Ground Zeroes felt lacking and after a few replays, the lack of Cutscenes feels wrong.

Now that I have gotten a bit more used to Ground Zeroes, and bothered to do the side missions, go for no-kill playthroughs, go for Kill-all playthroughs, I might be ready for The Phantom Pain... I still stand by my First Impressions score.

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