Jul 24, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: PMS Action Features?

Prepare for Trouble... and Make it Double!!
MOC, duh! Fun fact, her head and helmet were loose in package.
Yes, I couldn't resist referencing Team Rocket! I wonder if that's why Double Trouble ended up being called Double Mischief... or the board game Trouble... This is another Battle Fist situation... But I shall call Double Mischief by her real name... No, I wasn't going to make a Kunta Kinte reference... (Spike! put away the Family Guy Roots clip away!) So, Double Trouble was the only Princess of Power Character who DID NOT appear on the Filmation cartoon. She was a Wave 1 Character, so that's even weirder... Especially since the Star Sisters, who never made it past the prototype stage, made it into Filmation!

I painted her Neck Brown. It isn't as drastic as black, but
it creates Shadows.
She is supposed to be like a Spy who can shapeshift like Mystique, climb walls like Spider-Man and she pretends to be a Hordeswoman to spy for the Rebellion. In the vintage Toy she had an action feature similar to Man-e-Faces. This was recreated in Classics and I already complained about the execution.

So, long story short: Double Trouble is a Rebel who Pretends to be a Hordeswoman. Basically the POP line only had TWO villains: Catra and Entrapta (coming in September)

Now unto the ratings part:

Good Face
Aside her head articulation, she seems to have the normal MOTUC Articulation for Female figures.
Evil Face
Sadly, her ankles are loose as heck! Her heavy Ponytail + Loose Ankles = Future Shelf Diver!


Paint and Sculpt:
Her neck and face are the main offenders on the sculpt department, but this is a Design screw-up. The back of the package shows the Horsemen's prototype of Double Trouble (throwing salt on the wound) but if you want to read my thoughts on DT's head and Tire Necklace, go here. The rest of the new parts from the torso down are pretty cool. Heck! Even DT's new boots get some reuse on Sweet Bee!
Crossbow: Horde Mode
Her Paintjob is MOSTLY decent. Few bits of sloppy applications on her helmet (D'oh!) and her Crossbow.

Crossbow: Rebel Mode
She gets a Crossbow (cause Horde = Crossbow... Except on Catra, Adora, Shadow Weaver, Entrapta... Luckily EvilMkie's Shapeways store comes to the rescue with a plain Female Horde Crossbow for Adora or Entrapta and a Catra Themed Crossbow. Third Party does what Mattel won't) Her Crossbow is pretty nifty because it echoes her duality. One side is Horde, the other is not!

In all fairness, Double Trouble was a victim of Ruben Martinez; who made bad choices with her. Her 2.83 score is mostly his fault. It's sad that Club Etheria had to start with such a lackluster figure. Luckily, Madame Razz is next Month.

She looks Great with the Horde, or Rebellion. Personally, I'll
Display her with the Horde!

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