Oct 5, 2014

Apparently, COBRA won in the end.

Since there seems to be no more G.I. Joe toys, we can assume that Cobra, the Enemy has won.
Now, no one will be there to fight for Freedom, whenever there's trouble.
How did Cobra win the battle against G.I. Joe?

I mean, of course, Retail and the very barren landscape with no Joes. Hell, they're a no show at HASBRO'S OWN WEBSITE! I read that on a blog post and I couldn't believe it. Then I went to HasbroToyShop.

There you have it. Pictures of the failed searches.
If you don't believe me, go do it yourself. Then you'll see the sad reality.

Now. I want to believe that this is simply a hiatus on the brand... Kinda like those that were taken by Mattel's own Mr. Furry Underpants during the mid-90s and from 05-08.

It doesn't help that Hasbro dropped the ball by not keeping the brand alive with a cartoon when the last movie was delayed. Not to mention the anti-American and anti-War sentiment floating around.

Not having GI Joe feels kinda weird. He's been constantly around, with a few hiatuses (often short) so there may be hope. Hasbro may not be worried, since they dealt a deathblow to Mattel by taking the Disney Princesses.

The fans on the other hand are the ones feeling the pain. The 50th Anniversary of the Original GI Joe, yet, Hasbro was pretty much sweeping the brand under the rug. If this happened to GI Joe, then no toyline, whether it is from Hasbro or not, is safe. Mattel is pretty much pulling the plug on He-Man after 2015. Transformers is mostly dependent on the Bay films and whatever TF toon is on. (So, now the whole Hub Dilemma puts a bit of more pressure on Hasbro.) Pretty much everything else on the boy aisle from Hasbro is Licensed. If they lose Star Wars, well... You get the idea. I'm hoping for a rebranding, as long as we don't end with GI Joe EXTREEEEEEEEEEEM! 2.0

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