Oct 20, 2014

My Little Pony: Finally a movie with Actual Ponies!!

Hasbro has finally decided to make an Actual My Little Pony movie starring ACTUAL PONIES.
This is a big issue since the last two My Little Pony movies have been based on the Equestria Girls spin-off and they lacked the Little Ponies from the Title.

The new MLP Movie will be produced by Allspark Pictures. Obvious nod to Hasbro's popular Boys Toyline is surprising, but fitting.

Hasbro is moving pieces to get this movie done for a 2017 release. They have Meghan McCarthy as a producer. (MLP:FIM fans know about her) and Joe Ballarini will be writing. He was an uncredited writer on Ice Age: Continental Drift. (Not so sure how to feel about this,)
Apparently, if we are to believe this Tweet from Meghan McCarthy, the movie will be based on the fourth Generation of My Little Pony (commonly known as Friendship is Magic)

Of course, if it's an animated feature featuring the Mane 6, then they'll probably have most of it figured out (characters, plot, art, etc.) unless they do change everything for the movie (mostly art style to sell new Movie Version ponies. We've seen this with the Transformers and how Optimus Prime gets redesigned each movie, or Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc.) I'll be OK as long as there are not any DRASTIC redesigns to the characters.

Right now, I'm nervouscited! I'm afraid of the new writer screwing up, but at the same time; I'm pumped for ponies on the big screen!

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