Oct 30, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Not the Bees!

Yes, I'm going with a Nic Cage reference for Sweet Bee's review.

Sweet Bee? That ^%$# skank! I'm gonna ICE that ho! -Frosta
I hate that underage slut! -Teela
But... but I'M the Rebellion's jailbait! -Glimmer
Mossman is not a bath toy -Scott Neitlich... What? Too soon?

So, let's do a quickie recap on Sweet Bee: She's obviously a She-Ra character, since she's on the Club Etheria sub. She appeared on two episodes of She-Ra: Princess of Power and is based on a vintage She-Ra toy. Her most famous appearance is her first Appearance: Sweet Bee's home. Also known as the episode where Frosta throws herself at He-Man, but he refuses her, because Sweet Bee made something stir within him. (There is a rumor that He-Man has a thing for gingers.)

Now, the MOTUC Sweet Bee. She is inspired by the Filmation version, mostly. She does have a few Toy details on her. One thing that bugs me a little bit is her face. She looks a bit too young... I'm talking Hal Jordan likes them THAT young look. (Cause remember, Walter White toys are bad because drugs, but Green Lantern toys with Hal, the Pedophile, Jordan are A-OK to sell to children!)
Glimmer, who is supposed to be the Great Rebellion's youngest member (and Leader) looks Older in MOTUC, while Sweet Bee looks like Bella Thorne doing a Sweet Bee Cosplay. Great, now I'll have to make a Shake it up! reference somewhere in the Review...

Let's get the review going, shall we? As always, the scale is 1 to 5 where 1 is bad and 5 is good.

Mattel/the Horsemen dropped the ball on her head, She has her hair with holes on it so her wings can move, but her head, unlike Flutterina CANNOT BE MOVED AT ALL with the wings on. Then to make matters worse she lacks Rockers on her ankles.
Paint and Sculpt:
I started mentioning a complaint on her head. Well, the sculpt of the hair blocks movement and if I want to Change her head for the Helmet... I have to take off her wings. This is easily solved by buying a second... CODNABBIT!! I can't buy a second Sweet Bee from Matty because she had no Day of Sale stock. I have to get one from a reseller. Hair issue aside, her sculpt is mostly Filmation inspired with a bit of toy details. My SB had no slop ON Her, her Accessories, on the other hand... 4.0

♫BUTT GUN!!♪ What? I'm a fan of her Stinger weapon. It's based on a Bee's butt and it's a gun. So I guess it must shoot frass. BTW that's the official definition of Bee (and other inscts) poop. She also has another PoP Shield... (seems that I have a disdain for those)

Sweet Bee gets a 3.33 as her score. Some issues did lose her some points like the Head articulation being completely blocked by the way her hair works, the fact that I have to remove her wings before swapping her heads worries me. Especially since she had no Day of Sale Stock.
A little nod to Sweet Bee's home. Halloween style!

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