Oct 29, 2014

It Came from the Toy chest: Old Man in a Hoodie edition

I've nothing witty to say about Eldor, he's like a hipster version of Gandalf if he was played by Orson Welles.
well, I could make a joke about Eldor running around wearing a hoodie and his underwear with no pants.

But I won't since the MOTUC Version has taken this guy on the left and made him badass. Some people say that Eldor was 200Xised BEFORE being Classicized and ignored the Vintage Old Man in a hoodie.

So, for those of you who do not know who Eldor is... Then again if you're reading this review you already may know... He used to be the Mentor to He-Ro on the cancelled Sub-Line Powers of Grayskull, which was meant to tell the origins of the Power that He-Man summons and the Honor that She-Ra calls upon.
In Classics he KINDA has the same role, but he's also King Grayskull's trusted "Gandalf". Yes, there is a YOU SHALL NOT PASS pic down there. It was obvious that it was coming. Now that's Eldor in a nutshell.

Ever since He-Ro was made as the SDCC item from 2009, people have been clamoring for Eldor. Let's face it! These were the two Missing Links from the Vintage Line. Italian fans got the Tytus and Megator from the Powers of Grayskull sub-line in the 80s. The rest of the world got them in MOTUC during the past few years. Having Eldor kinda closes that chapter from the vintage Era. (If we could get a Queen Veena to close the 200X Chapter opened with King Grayskull)

Dammit! I could have made a Two-Bad marrying
himself joke! Oh well, too late now! 
Now, since I forgot to do a review when I got MY He-Ro, I'm gonna go  Purinsesu Runa on ya and give you a Double Review!!

Nothing to write Home About. Same old same old, The "armor piece" blocks the ab crunch a little.
Eldor: Master of Duckface on selfies!
Paint and sculpt:
Paintwise, My Eldor seems to be OK. No obvious signs of slop, aside from some glue? on his left bicep. He also has the beard not fully painted, which gives him the infamous Monkey Lips. A little gray paint fixes the monkey lips. As I commented on the intro, Eldor looks more 200X than vintage. He's got tons of details. on him. Even his hood has some cool sculpted details on him. I have a small issue with the way the hood works. It's an extra piece that attaches to his head, but when you remove it, his torso "armor" looks like he pulled his hood back. Not sure what could have been a better solution for this.
This staff suits Eldor better than the Shaping
staff did Entrapta.
The Hood, the Staff of the Ancients, which is a Filmation Artifact. Looks amazing, but a bit too soft. BE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH IT. Eldor's hands are MEGA STIFF and the staff is super soft... you do the math.

Book has no words... He makes stuff up. See what I mean about
the armor looking like he has his hood pulled back.
@#$ the stickers!
The Final Accessory is a Classicized Book of Living Spells. Unlike past books, this one can be opened. Sadly, it has nothing written on it. (In my case, my book gets a bit stuck at times and can't open fully all the time. Seems that a piece of the front cover gets stuck on the spine at times.) Then to make matters worse, Eldor can't hold the book properly. Had they used Bow's hands we could have had him hold it slightly better. Not to mention that his right hand would have looked good for Reading or chanting a spell.

Eldor gets a 4.17 which is a decent score. He has some slight issues, but he's an awesome figure. I love the extra nods and touches but

Eldor and He-Ro: The Powers of Grayskull missing characters
are missing no more!
And they say that a He-Ro can save us; I'm not gonna stand here and wait...
Sorry for the Tobey Man Reference. Y'all know that I've had He-Ro since Santa KG. So, a little backstory on He-Ro.
He-Ro was the main character on the cancelled Sub-Line Powers of Grayskull, which was meant to tell the origins of the Power that He-Man summons and the Honor that She-Ra calls upon. Originally He-Ro was Gray of the Skull Tribe. (Grayskull) and he was the most powerful wizard in the universe and ancestor of Adam and Adora. One Neitlichverse later and that was changed. Something about He-Ro being the Alan Scott of MOTU. He-Ro was the 2009 SDCC Exclusive and had 3 variations:
Clear sword was He-Ro's. Mattel thought it was better to paint a
clear sword translucent blue with silver flecks. The blue starry
blade is Santa KG's with the color removed. Looks better
for He-Ro than his default sword. The clear sword looks great on
Green Gem, Red Gem, Purple Gem. The SDCC version has the SDCC Logo on He-Ro's chest. The Matty version lacked the logo. Basically there are 6 versions of He-Ro Running around. More if the rumors of some figures released with an erroneous starry black power sword similar to the few yellow belt Stratos figures or flocked ears Mossman.

Now unto the figure itself.

Since He-Ro is an early 2009 figure which means ROCK HARD Loincloth which limits the leg movement a little bit. On the other hand he also sports a Half Torso Armor to preserve the Ab Crunch. Ankles are a bit loose due to age. (Should have reviewed him when new.)

Paint and sculpt:

There were a few paint issues on mine, but since I got him as a gift, there was nothing I could do. (OK I ended up repainting the issues. Except his sword. The sword. I stripped of paint and I stripped the second full sword from the second Santa KG.) Sculptwise he is cool! (Especially for a 2009 figure with VERY Limited parts database)

As promised: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
Back then Accessories were super limited on some characters. Just ask Zodac, Zodak, Beastman and Stratos. He-Ro was lucky to get a Power Sword and a Staff. The staff opens up to reveal the gem. BTW He-Ro's Gem doesn't Match Eldor's.
3.0 (due to the sword's paint flaking off.)

He-Ro gets a 3.67 as his overall score. If I hadn't had those paint issues on his sword and body;he would have scored higher. So, there we go it's the Powers of Grayskull in a nutshell.

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