Oct 7, 2014

Dear Capcom: I definitely want a Street Fighter: Kangaroo Edition

So, Youtube gave me a surprise today. I was going to watch Cinemassacre's James and Mike play, when on the Recommended for you videos showed me THIS Jewel!

Now if someone made a mix of that with Street Fighter Music and sound effects, similar to the infamous church fighter video; they'd have an even more amazing thing in their hands. BTW I'm not kidding about playing a Street Fighter game where all the SF Characters are Kangaroos. Kengaroo vs Kangaryu would be epic.

I don't know why this is so appealing. I don't enjoy cockfights, nor dogfights, but Kangaroo fights seem funny enough for some reason. Be thankful I did not go with Flipper being faster than Lightning.

Now this makes me think: What is it about Animal videos that makes them so popular? I know why we love fail videos since other people's pain and misery can bring a smile into our faces, even if we don't want to be a-holes about it.

But Animals, no matter what they do*, they seem to be adorable...
*except killing prey. That can be a bit disgusting.

Look at it...

What's the Appeal? Why many people spend so much time watching these? (I've seen the surprised kitten video lots of times.) I shouldn't but I too have fallen to the appeal of the animal videos and I don't get it!! All I know is that they make me feel better... Oh, I see! That's the appeal! They make people feel good about themselves! Still, I want that Kangaroo Fighter game!

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