Oct 26, 2014

I want Darkstalkers toys but...

I'm pretty sure that they will not happen. For those of you who don't know: Darkstalkers is a Fighting Game by Capcom. Its characters are a bunch of creatures of the night and monsters. so basically Street Fighter with Vampires, Werewolves, etc. I mean, look at the Intro of the Latest Darkstalkers game (it comes all the way from the 90s)

So, a Colorful cast of Characters with very Toyetic Looks. Once we were so close to getting Darkstalkers Toys when SOTA made some prototypes. Sadly, this led nowhere.

The Cast is not that Huge so, it could be completed on a few waves (limited series) 
Darkstlakers has a total of 18 characters (21 if I count Marionette, Shadow and "Dee"):
Anakaris, BB Hood, Bishamon, Demitri, Donovan, Felicia, Hsienko, Huitzil, Jedah, Jon Talbain, Lilith, Lord Raptor, Morrigan, Pyron, Q-Bee, Rikuo, Sasquatch, and Victor.

Basically 3 waves of 6 figures, or a Full year if we follow the MOTUC Subscription Method. Well, if we don't get into certain variants/repaints (human J.Talbain, True Form Demitri, Lilith fused with Morrigan, Oboro Bishamon, Dark Talbain, Midnight Bliss, etc.)

On the Other Hand Part Reuse is rather Limited.
This is what puts the biggest Wrench on the line being made. Many figures would require brand new tooling and the amount of accessories per figure could be ludicrous.
This pic is very painful for me to watch.
I mean, look at this pic from the proposed SOTA toys DS figures. Demitri is missing his cape, but he has some accessories like the wings (For the Demon Cradle) the Flaming bats, the Black Rose for the Midnight Bliss and Alternate hands.

Lord Raptor gets his guitars, rib spikes and Le Malta. Sadly, he lacks the Saws that he uses for some attacks (kicks).

Sure, some characters are easy kitbashes like Lilith (who'd reuse SOME pieces from Morrigan) or Dee who is basically Demitri's body with Donovan's head. Pyron could get away with a few reused parts from both of Demitri's forms. The problem lies that Characters like Rikuo, Huitzil, Anakaris, Sasquatch, Lord Raptor, etc. have no real possibilities for Reuse.
Dumbass people would be outraged.
Yes, I'm making a reference to the Dumb Florida Mom, since B.B. Hood would be controversial.
Little Red Riding Hood with guns and cigarettes. I can almost hear her rant about corrupting Children's characters, blah, blah blah. Then we have Morrigan who is a succubus.
Maybe, but this is stretching it, Pyron being a flaming horned dude could bring the whole "Toys R Us is selling dolls of the Devil" or some other bullcrap... (Even though they already sell Diablo figures and maybe they did sell the Marvel Select Mephisto, and I'm sure they probably sold a few Malebolgias... and technically speaking, Jedah would be the closest to "the Devil" in Darkstalkers.)

Finally, Crapcom doesn't have enough faith in Darkstalkers to get some non-game product out.
To be fair, while they have enough faith on Street Fighter, their latest foray into toys was met with horrible failure because it depended on a Kickstarter that was horribly unsuccessful. Yes, that's right a Kickstarter to make OFFICIAL STREET FIGHTER TOYS FAILED MISERABLY! If a Street Fighter Toyline can't even get past development stage then the Darkstalkers have...

No matter how you look at it; Darkstalkers is screwed. What a shame. In the Meantime, I'll try Resident Evil 6

on second thought, I still need to save Cocoon...

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