Oct 6, 2014

Lieutenant Andra: the rant

I'm aware that Star Comics characters seem to be off limits in MOTUC. Not to mention that All Toylines must end and Winter is coming. Sadly, this means that we're missing off on Lt. Andra.

Who is she? Long Story Short: She's the Ken to Teela's Ryu. The Naruto to Teela's Sasuke. The Ryoga to Teela's Ranma. In case you didn't get any of those analogies, Andra is a friend/rival to Teela from her days at the Royal Academy. She was made Lieutenant by Randor and kinda replaced Teela as Adam's Bodyguard... cue Whitney Houston.

This is Andra
While yes, Andra makes Teela kinda redundant, Buzz-Off and Extendar make both Stratos and Mekaneck kinda redundant. Also, there is nothing wrong with more female figures breaking down the Eternian Sausage Fest.

Not only that, but if you look at Andra, she would have been a godsend to Mattel. I see that pic and I see tons of parts reuse and in Mattelspeak, that's a good thing.

Andra is pretty much the Battleground Teela with Glued-on Harness and Furry Neck piece. Using the Adora arms and new forearms (that could get reuse on a Toy Catra) New Lower part of her bodysuit and Traditional female legs with Teela's boots. Adora's belt and gun and Battleground Teela's sword complete the accessories. A new head completes her:
So the new piece tally is: 5

Why her? Well, I mentioned the whole another female to dilute the sausage fest. A friend/rival for Teela would help develop her character better than DC's Teela.
She could also work as expanding the ranks of Eternos Military. I'm sure that there is more than ONE Lieutenant in the entire Eternos Army. Then there's the idea of something something Queen's guard.

I'm not sure, but I think there is an Andra Cameo in the Origin of Skeletor mini Comic that came with King He-Man.

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