Oct 10, 2014

Let the SpideyXJessie Fics begin!

I watched Girl Meets World today, but won't comment much on that. Mostly because I was satisfied with the episode. Especially the ending scene with Mr. Matthews and Janitor Harley (Keiner) which was a nod to us old farts who saw Cory grow up.

But tonight's main event was the fearsome Double dose of suckitude by combining Ultimate Spider-Man and Jessie in a cross over event... Which I already had talked about it when it was announced.
So, I saw the episode and... It was actually pretty good!

I know... I couldn't believe it either. So, A little Episode synopsis:
Halloween (cause Disney's Monstober) is here! Jessie had to take the Ross kids to a museum because Emma didn't do her homework. At the same time, our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man wanted to see said exhibit at the museum. (That's how their paths cross) So, something something Luke knocks an armor and Jessie grabs a sword that releases Morgan Le Fay... Yes, THAT Morgan Le Fay. Spidey and Jessie Team-up to take down Morgan Le Fay.

The Good:

-No abuse of family guy style cutaways with Chibi Spidey (at least on this episode)
-Spidey and Jessie had better chemistry than Peter and MJ
-Zuri was kept to a minimum (She's the most annoying character in Jessie)

The Bad:
-Jessie gaining Mary Sue Powers to battle Morgan on her own.
-The Cast of Jessie will not be regulars in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Seriously, this Mash-up worked a lot better than past Jessie Crossovers. The dynamic between Jessie and Spider-Man worked so well that it made me want to see more episodes with Spidey and Jessie... which is rather weird since I LOATHE Jessie as it is. Then again most of the hate comes from the show being a very badly made Disneyfied knock-off of The Nanny. Now the less scary part is that it's almost making me give USM a second chance.

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