Oct 1, 2014

Why oh why was Arrow Chosen?

As November creeps slowly, I'm questioning one thing... Why, oh why was Arrow Chosen? MOTUC especializes in one thing: Balance. He-Man has Battle Cat, Skeletor has Panthor. The Heroic Warriors have the Wind Raider and Sky Sled. The Evil Warriors have the Upcoming War Sled from the Battle Ram and the Griffin. With She-Ra having Swift Wind, once could assume that Catra would have gotten Clawdeen (who would have been a modded Battle Lion and a new saddle) or Storm, new mane and perhaps new saddle and bridle. Instead we ended up with Arrow.
This breaks off some of the balance. Then again, Gygor, Shadow Beast, Granamyr, and the lack of Generic Rebels are breaking some of the balance...

OK, my "Balance reason" is just a bunch of crap. It's just that Arrow is such a weird choice. I get that Mantisaur would be a 100% new tool and budget, bean counters crying stuff, but there are better choices that would not need a 100% new Sculpt.

I'm going to toss the most obvious steed out of the way: Spirit.
All he needed is a new torso without the bridle and no holes for wings and the headpiece he uses. To justify a plain white horse, mattel could have tossed in a few Sword to ______ with him, or the Filmation Hordak head.

I already mentioned Clawdeen and Storm, so I won't mention them again.

Charger the Unicorn:
A reference to the Mini Comics. He would need four Cloven Hooves, new head with horn and new saddle to cover the wing holes. Tossing in a secret Blonde repaint of the Teela ponytail head would have been a treat for the Mini comic fans.

The Creature Oo-Larr fights to save the Goddess:
It kinda looks like a reuse of the Shadow Beast buck with a New Neckpiece for the Cat-like head.

That's Five Steeds that could have worked on that slot.

Heck, they could have thrown in 3 Trollans on a set and call it a day. (Dree-Elle, Montork and the Preternian Oracle. They'd require minimal new tooling. Basically 3 heads and a glued on slip-on cover for the Orko buck to make the Oracle look slightly taller than Orko) I know 2014 and Trollans leave a bad taste in people's mouths but this is better than UNO.

It's not that Arrow isn't a bad choice... It's just that there are more better choices. (We've been through this before *cough*Nepthu*cough*) He's just a Horse for Bow, who already has Kowl. It almost feels like Bow is the Animals' caretaker than a Leader in the Great Rebellion.

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