Oct 21, 2014

It came from the Toy Chest: when you play the game of variants you win or you pegwarm!

I already reviewed the Variant, this time I'm doing the Normal version of Tyrion Lannister, thanks to my mom, who got me Tyrion and a second Bitchface Snow (that did not break when removing him out of the package.)

I'm running out of GoT theme versions to use on the reviews (and wave 2 is starting to show up on the US... So I have like 2-4 months until Arya, Jamie, Drogo, Brienne, yet Another Daenerys, and The King in The North! Need to find a Ned Stark ASAP... Screw the Others!!)

So, the Normal Version of Tyrion is NOT Exclusive to Walgreen's and is wearing armor (This Tyrion is the Halfman at the Battle of the Green Fork version, while the Walgreen's version is Tyrion as the Hand of the King... After certain book events where Ned Stark gets Sean Bean'd) So, this figure is showing Tyrion at an earlier point in the timeline than the Walgreen's Exclusive version.

My Tyrion's waist seems to be frozen and I'm not going to force it, since forcing the joints could lead to breakage, as seen with Bitchface Snow.
The Rest of the Articulation is similar to the rest of the GoT figures. (Ball joints everywhere)
4.0 (Due to the frozen Waist)

Paint and Sculpt:

I'm impressed with how different each Tyrion figure is. This is not necessarily a good thing. The Head Sculpt is strange. The Hand of the King version of him looks more like Peter Dinklage than the Normal version. Now I'm not sure if it's simply the paintjob that makes them look different or if the heads are different sculpts. I know that the hair pieces are different sculpts in both Tyrions. Then there's the Third Tyrion (SDCC Exclusive with the Scar from the Battle of Blackwater AND a Helmet) Now The body does not seem to share many pieces with the Hand of the King Tyrion (I think just the crotch and thighs are the only shared pieces) and that's a good thing considering that Tyrion is not a normal sized character.)
As I said, now I have a new Bitchface Snow and a Tyrion.
The Halfman only has the Ax as his accessory. I need to warn that the ax has unyielding hard plastic that may be brittle. (seen a few broken Axes online) With that said, a half sized figure with one accessory kinda sucks when you have all that empty space. It's funny that the Biggest figure of the wave, The Hound comes with the most accessories.

Normal Tyrion gets a 3.33 as his overall score. The same flaw that plagued the Hand of the King version (too tiny, few accessories) plus the less accurate sculpt did hurt his score a bit.
If you're into customizing MOTU Characters, then this Tyrion could lend itself to make a MOTUC Compatible Cursed Count Marzo with a Filmation Marzo Twist. If you need to have ONE Tyrion Lannister figure, I'd recommend the Hand of the King version over this one.

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