Oct 3, 2014

Games and Social Justice don't mix.

Before The Patriarchy took down my Internet for a week... Cause, everything bad that happens is The Patriarchy's fault. Stubbed your toe with the side of the bed, Patriarchy did it. Flat tire? Patriarchy. No TP in the office's bathroom, Patriarchy. Every little thing is their fault. I managed to play a few Social Justice minded games. Yes, I even played the infamous Depression Quest.

Videogames being all about fun and none about Social Justice? Blame the Patriarchy. If so, then Thank you Patriarchy for such awesome games!!

These so-called Games, are pretty much Twine games. What is Twine you ask? I shall answer thee!

Twine is a Text based game engine that makes Choose your own adventure styled games easy to make. Basically, Twine is the Computerized version of a CYOA Maker. Twine is frowned upon in some Text-Based Interactive Fiction circles. This is the Future of videogaming if we leave it to the Social Justice "Developers". Regressing to Text-Based Gaming full of Propaganda and sucking out the fun! Not saying that Text based games are bad. I've played a couple of interesting Text based games on better text-based engines that give the players better ilussion of control than a glorified Choose your own adventure game. Hell, even Gone Home, which I DESPISE is much more of a game than these Twine "games".

Remember when I dealt with You-Know-Who's latest video, where she talks about Watch Dogs and how she wishes that the main character stayed with the victim comforting her, trying to keep her alive and call the paramedics? To which I said that it would disrupt the flow of the game, suck out the fun and add a potentially annoying mini-game and an annoying cutscene every time a little random background event happened? THAT is the kind of thing I want to NOT HAPPEN IN AAA Games! I mentioned the Red Dead Redemption Animal Skinning. To those of you who have not played the game, here's some background info.

In order to obtain money in RDR without stealing banks or killing fictional people, you can take pelts and sell them. Every time you find a carcass, or kill an animal, you can skin it for its pelt. Every time you do, a small unskippable cutscene of Marston skinning the animal is played.

In some places, like say: "Mexico" wolves respawn like crazy; allowing you to get many wolf pelts. It becomes pretty annoying when you're skinning five wolves and five more respawn before you're done with the first three. There is a glitch that stops the Cutscene from playing. If you are with a horse and stop right next to the carcass, you can collect its pelt WITHOUT the Unskippable Cutscene playing.

While, yes, you should call the authorities when you see a crime in progress, or call paramedics if someone is hurt IN REAL LIFE; it does not mean that we HAVE to or NEED TO do it in videogames. Too much realism kills fun. That's why cars do not run out of Gasoline in GTA, or why "time skips" after being busted or wasted.

Yes, think about how much fun it would be to see your character sit around on a cell while waiting for bail, or being stuck in a hospital bed until he heals IN REAL TIME. Not much fun, right? THIS is the kind of experience that the Social Justice Warriors want you to have. They seem to not understand that even in the most realistic games, there are some things that do not work realistically, because they ruin the flow of the game and kill the fun. Something that is a requirement for something to be a game.

With that said, I'm not opposed to have games that are "gay and transgender-friendly" or more games where women are the protagonist. What I am opposed to is trying to shove a "social message" to ALL games and castrate the creativity of the developers due to "guilt-trips". That is just as wrong as trying to force ham-fisted social messages to all media, books, movies,TV shows, etc. The "Moral lessons" should come organically in these stories. Not forced due to some people who have a checklist to see if the creators are fulfilling a quota.

Even though they're using Twine, that's a step in the right direction. They need to try the whole enchilada and make ACTUAL VIDEOGAMES that are not text based adventures. There is a thriving Indie Scene right now. Here is where they should do their "experimental games". If they are successful in the indie scene, then there might be a demand for these sort of games. DEMANDING that publishers cater to their whims is ludicrous. IF there is room for "social justice minded games" the Social Justice Warriors need to work from the ground up and PROVE that the demand exists by MAKING THEIR GAMES and proving without a shadow of a doubt that there is enough audience interested in that sort of game so the Publishers of AAA games take notice and begin to cater to them. Game companies follow the money, like most corporations. They would rather stick to the sure thing than go after somethng new. That's why Call of Duty sells. (as much as I detest the CoD series). Recently, Microsoft bought the studio that made Minecraft. Why did they bought it? Simple: Minecraft proved to be successful enough for Microsoft to pay attention. You see where I'm going with this?

One of the reasons why Social Justice Warriors rub me the wrong way is this: If they don't like something, they will do their best to make sure that what they don't like cannot be enjoyed by anyone. This is what bugs me the most. They are pretty much advocating for censorship. Before anyone mentions the technicalities that would "debunk" the term censorship; hear me out. They have examined the media, videogames and are advocating for the suppression of "unacceptable elements" In You-Know-Who's case, the "harmful tropes" that female characters are subjected to. By guilt tripping Developers They are trying to guilt-trip them into self-censorship. I hate Reality shows like Duck Dynasty or Here comes Honey Boo Boo! and I'm not actively campaigning for them to be off the air... I still can't believe people actually ENJOY these, but diff'rent strokes for different folks.

I honestly can't see how they can't understand that Videogames are Fiction, not Real. Just because I can play as the biggest jerk in the Universe in the games; does not mean I'm going to be like that in real life.Just because I saved Peach, does not mean that I will get a woman as a reward in real life. These people have in their heads that they're on a "cultural war" against "misogyny" or something like it and anyone who disagrees with them is branded a misogynist. That is not cool. They want to change gaming to something "better" but so far, what I've seen is politically correct text adventures devoid of fun. Ask yourself, "what is the first reason people play videogames?" the correct answer is: fun, entertainment, amusement.

The issue here is that the SJWs have a different focus than gamers. They want "justice" first of all, not to mention how they get "offended" by everything. Seriously, give them enough time and they might pull off a narrative where buying from vending machines is equal to prostitution. Gamers on the other hand want to preserve the fun of games. This is why both sides will never reach an understanding. The Hyper-Sanitized and Politically correct desires of the SJWs clash against the desires of the gamers. Having an outlet to escape from the issues in the real world for a while, blowing off steam, hanging around and having fun with friends (whether playing multiplayer games with people in the same room or online with others)

Now back to "She who musn't be named". Her video series can be summed up as a list of ways that women cannot be represented in videogames. The fear I have is that Developers take the lazy way out and decide to NOT USE WOMEN AT ALL! That would be a lot worse, don'tcha think?

There is no real war other than the one the SJWs are trying to make. It gets worse when BOTH Sides have a few asshats pulling off dumbass moves and harass people. Don't fall into the trap and harass people. Just keep playing the games, if you're a gamer. If you're a Social Justice Warrior, MAKE ACTUAL GAMES THAT ARE FUN AND SHOWCASE YOUR POV instead of whining for people to make what you want,

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