Nov 29, 2014

Black Friday Blues...

Oh! Ahora quién podrá ayudarme?

No one can, since the great, beloved Mexican Comedian, Roberto Gomez Bolaños, also known as Chespirito died yesterday.

While he had retired in the 80s, most of his work is still aired in most, if not all Latin American countries. Basically, I lost the creator of another piece of my childhood and it hurts.

Holy crap!! Plain Vanilla He-Man is gone from Matty!! I had to wait until Saturday to get my paycheck and buy one in anticipation for Oo-Larr. Guess who won't have a He-Man to dress up as Oo-Larr... According to the folks on, he did sell out since Black Friday.
Oh well... Looks like The Spare He-Man I have (Original He-Man, because I bought a second KG to make a 200X inspired He-Man with the Prince Adam snarling Head) will become Mini comic He-Man.

Oh, well... Looks like I'll have to get something different from Matty then.

Star Wars episode VII: the Force Awakens (after watching the Prequels) had a teaser released on Black Friday!!

Waiting until a non-teaser trailer to emit an opinion... Though that Sith Saber is a bit messed up.

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